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When you are about to move to a new place or plan for a trip, packing your belongings can take a lot of effort especially when tons of things need to be carried. Forgetting some essential stuff can make it even more stressful. A checklist is a helpful tool that can help you to get through this situation and pack accordingly. You can use some examples of packing checklist templates or you can make it yourself.

Checklist of Travel Packing

If you decide to make your own packing checklist, make sure to determine what kind of place you are going to go, so you can consider what to include in your list. If you still have no idea about what to pack, there are some examples of printable packing checklist templates you can use to make your packing easier. This article will be specifically focused on providing one simple example of the packing checklist templates that can assist you in preparing what to pack when you move to a college dormitory.

Carry your bedroom stuff for your absolute convenience

The first and most important thing listed in common packing checklist templates is carrying your bedroom stuff. You will need to bring pillows, sheets, blankets, and mattress. You must not forget these things as they are the ones that will give you a comfortable sleep.

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Pack your bathroom items

The second most important thing when you move to a college dormitory is to simply pack your bathroom items. It can be your towels, laundry bags, bathrobe, slippers, and storage units to store your things. You can also add any specific bathroom items if you need them.

Bring your kitchen appliances

Avoid bringing too many unnecessary kitchen appliances as it will take more space. Take only basic kitchen items such as plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, mugs, and dish towels as it is already sufficient.

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Take your college supplies with you

While entering a college, taking your college supplies with you is a must. Pens, notebooks, textbooks, scissors, etc are the must-have items in your backpack.

Include your cleaning supplies for a clean and comfortable room

Never forget to include cleaning supplies for cleaning activity. These things are essential for making your room tidy and pleasant. You can consider a vacuum cleaner, a glass cleaner, or a broom to include in your lists.

Provide yourself with medical items

Last but not least, most packing checklist templates will remind you to take your personal medical items. It can be your medicine for your specific illness that you always need or other basic remedies for mild pain such as first aid kit, antibiotics, eye drops, cough drops, and vitamins.

Beach Packing Checklist 1

Hopefully, the example of checklist template above can inspire you in preparing stuff to bring during your trip. You can modify your packing list templates whatever you like according to your needs and destination. Including more specific items will always be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for packing list template for excel for more various templates.