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If you have just hired a large number of workers, then you need to consider the orientation schedule template. This is one of the most neglected activity in the company. This is the best moment for them to understand the company vision and to know the company handbook. For your management, it is time to re-evaluate the piles of paperwork that are no longer applicable to the new employees.

Student Orientation Schedule

Sadly, the most complained thing about the job orientation is it is boring and overwhelming. Many employees say the company delivers too much information and they can’t remember all the guidelines. In the end, new employees often make mistakes. So, no wonder if new employees often leave the company after a year. By seeing this problem, you need to consider the orientation schedule template to help you break down the details of the job orientation so it will not leave the new employes feel burnout even before they start the job.

Warren College Freshman Orientation Schedule

What Are The Purposes of Job Orientation?

Well, everyone hates this job orientation because it is not a nice gesture. On the contrary, it delivers the important elements of the companies so the employees can have the same vision and work with the same commando. There are other purposes why job orientation is important.

  • To Reduce The Cost – A job orientation can help you reduce the startup cost. With a proper orientation technique and schedule, it is not impossible to make them learn faster and perform better in their early tasks.
  • To Decrease The Employee Turnover – With simpler and effective job orientation, you can reduce the employee turn over. When a company has a higher turnover, then its spending costs will hire too. They need to spend more money for job screening and job orientation. The risk is not only on this matter but also the working performance for the long term. Imagine if you always have many new employees and they stop in the first year. How is the quality? You can answer that.
  • To Save The Supervisor’s Time – When your employees understand the company’s vision, guidelines and also work ethic, it can save the supervisor’s time, which means it helps you boost their productivity. Keep in mind to introduce the environment, the culture, and the department so the new employees will not be surprised by the new environment. Or at least they can perform better.
  • To Develop Realistic Expectation – A job orientation is the best way to test the employees’ understanding of the working environment in the company. Besides, you will know their working capacity so you will have a more realistic expectation. Besides, this is the best way to introduce the values and attitudes in the organizations. While your employees actually can learn from experiences, but this is mostly not effective. You waste a lot of time and more energy to teach them again and again.

College Freshers Orientation Schedule

Why Do You Need The Orientation Schedule Template

Our orientation schedule template is the best way to start with for breaking down the details of the orientation. You can measure your employee’s capacity and you make the event more effective and targetted. With the right schedule, you will not waste more time and money just to train your new employees.

College Students Orientation Schedule


Orientation Schedule Sample Template

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