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After the employment, the first day of your new hires is always the most crucial one. As a manager, you should be able to guide them properly during their orientation day. Since lots of things should be introduced to your new employees, most of the time this task cannot be said as an easy one. Using an orientation checklist will be such a great help since it will assist you in preparing your new hires on their first day as part of the team. In this article, you will be provided an example of new hire orientation checklist to make your job of informing your new recruit’s responsibilities more successful.
Organized Orientation Checklist Template

Explain the regular procedures of the company

The first and most important thing to do during your new hires’ orientation day is to explain the regular procedures of the company.
As a manager, the orientation checklist suggests you to assist your new hires in understanding the corporate rules. Introduce them to some regular procedures that have to be followed by the new hires on a daily basis. These may include helping them in the process of acquiring their ID passes, showing the entrance and exits, as well as checking e-mails among other employees.

Elegant Orientation Checklist Template

Provide your new hires an administrative support

The second most essential thing listed in the orientation checklist is to provide your new recruits an administrative support. You must assist them to finish some basic formalities of joining an organization. These formalities usually include filling in the HR forms, the background check forms, the contracts, and other legal documents.

Professional Orientation Checklist Template

Explain the company’s policies

Taking your new recruits to go through an overview of the corporate policies is also one point that should not be forgotten. Your new recruits must be made aware of the non-disclosure policies, the confidentiality clauses, and the employees’ invention agreement to be the suitable contributors to corporate growth.

Departmental Orientation Checklist Template

Introduce the new hires to their co-workers and the work area

Another crucial point that should be covered in the orientation checklist is introducing your new employees to their colleagues and the work area. It is important since introducing them to their surroundings will make them get accustomed to it faster. You should also review your employees’ roles, job descriptions, and expectations before asking them to start working on something.

Sample Orientation Checklist Template


Supply your new hires with the basic resources

Last but not the least, supplying your new hires with the basic resources such as computers, the intranet, office’s e-mail ID, corporate websites, and shared drives among other employees is also essential for a smooth start of your new hires’ journey in the company.

Simple Orientation Checklist Template

By using the example of checklist template above, it is hoped that you can guide your new recruit successfully. As the orientation checklist is editable, including additional steps will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for orientation checklist new employee for more various templates.