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An organization and a company always need financial plans to run well. Moreover when it comes to an operating budget plan. This is trickier because it includes notable expenses, forecasted income, and expected future cost. Therefore, the operating budget sample is a good tool to help you break down the details and clear up your confusion. The template gives you an overview of how much it costs to run a business.

Pro Forma Operating Budget Template

Why Did We Provide The Operating Budget Sample?

Our sample gives benefits for you who are new in accounting stuff. This sample helps you learn better and properly. You will be able the forecast the expenses and revenue besides providing a report as accurate as it can be. Below are the operating budget template and sample you can download for free. All of them are editable and customizable.

Project Operating Budget Template

Small Business Operating Budget Template

This template has a simple format. It contains categories such as income, taxes, and expenses. There are columns also for monthly budget allocation and also the monthly actual amount spent. You can evaluate your planning through the difference you have total after subtracting the allocation and the actual spending.

Proposed Operating Budget Template

Nonprofit Operating Budget Template

There is also a nonprofit operating budget template which designed for a nonprofit organization. It contains the same components as other templates but it has the column for previous budget and previous spending. This will ease you to evaluate your plan.

Simple Operating Budget Template

Annual Operating Budget Template

The annual operating budget template is designed for an annual plan for your company. However, this template provides a simple format yet systematic and efficient. There are some components such as the actual expenditures and operating budget. This will ease you on distributing the money wisely.

Weekly Operating Budget Template

What Is The Structure of an Operating Budget?

The structure of an operating budget includes:

Sale or Turnover – You need to estimate the product cost. You have to be able to determine how much the customer is willing to buy your product. The sale or turnover means the source of money for your company.

  • The Variable Cost – This refers to the costs which vary and depends on the production output.
  • Gross Profit – This refers to the difference between variable cost and sale. Besides, the gross profit shows how much the money left. It is essential because when a business has high gross profits, this means this good for business growth.
  • Fixed Cost – This one is referred to the expenses which always depends on the sales volumes. This will grow bigger if you sell more.
  • Write-off – This is also known as the depreciation. This means that some assets will experience depreciation over time.
  • Interest – This one is inevitable if you are starting a business especially if you borrow the money from another party.

Annual Operating Budget Template2

Then How To Stay On The Budget?

Even though unexpected spending is inevitable, you still can stay on your budget. This means you have to take more control over the expenses. You can begin with setting the goals, tracking the spending and also personalize the budget.

Business Operating Budget Template1

Operating Budget Template Sample

General Operating Budget TemplateOrganization Operating Budget Template