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By becoming part of the human resource team in a corporation, you will be the one responsible for selecting the new candidates that will be working for your company. As recruiting these new candidates mostly require a lot of effort, things will get even more complex if you have no idea what to instruct your newly hired employees. Therefore, handling them properly is your most important duty. You ought to make these newcomers aware of the policies and expectations made by the corporation during their duration of contract. When there is an onboarding checklist, your job will be less stressful. In this article, you will be provided an example of onboarding checklist template to help your employees onboard and start working as part of the team.

Onboarding Checklist PDF Format Template

Perform a background check to your new hires

Performing a background check to every new hire of your company is the first and most essential thing that the onboarding checklist asks you to do after the employment. The employee background check usually covers whether or not each person has a criminal record in the past. You must carefully verify this as they are about to be part of your company’s member.

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Give your new hires their schedules and job basics

Another essential thing that should be covered after employment is making schedules for your new employees on the first day. The onboarding checklist will suggest you doing this as it is intended to make your employees grasp the idea of what they will be doing during their working days and get accustomed to it. You ought to give them some basics of what their responsibilities are and take them to have a short tour around the office area so that they have a better understanding of their working place. You also need to tell them other basics such as the company’s dress code, company’s policies, and provide them with employees’ handbooks.

Onboarding Checklist PDF Format Template

Explain your new hires about their job descriptions and duties

Before asking your new hires to start working on something, you must first explain the details of their job so that they will truly understand the responsibilities assigned to them.

Property Onboarding Checklist PDF Format Template

Train your new hires Onboarding Checklist

One of the most common thing that the onboarding checklist ask you to do is training your new employees. You ought to answer any questions they ask you and give them a job orientation where they are introduced to their co-workers and get familiarized with the workplace.

Managers Onboarding Checklist PDF Format Template

Review everything Onboarding Checklist

Reviewing everything you have explained to your new hires is also essential as it will assist them to work more effectively. It can cover some aspects such as the company policies, equipments, upcoming schedules, work hours, etc.

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It is hoped that by using the cheklist template above you can understand what steps should be taken for guiding new hires of your corporation. You can modify your onboarding checklist according to your company’s situation. Including extended and specific instructions will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for checklist for onboarding for more various templates.

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