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The office is the place where the stuff, transaction, interaction, and other professional activities happen. There is much stuff inside the office which might trouble your business because everything is placed in many places. This is why the office also needs the office cleaning schedule template to keep everything in the right place so your employees can work properly. A Cleaning schedule should be conducted that it is not only done by the cleaning service people but also by the staff. Why? Because your staff knows better where to put their stuff for work.

Shift Office Cleaning Schedule

Why Do You Need An Office Cleaning Schedule?

An office cleaning schedule is a good help to keep the working space hygienic, safe, appropriate and effective for working. Imagine if there are some clients and they see your office is all over the place. And then your employees could not find their stuff because it is messy? Well, this might be the worst disaster because your client might think your business is not well-managed. They start to doubt your capability for not being able to handle this small thing. They might think you will not be able to handle big things when you have problems with your own office. Therefore, this is a great way to frame your business as a professional and manageable one.

Weekly Office Cleaning Schedule

Furthermore, using our office cleaning schedule template can ease your work. You only need to use the downloaded template using any format you like. The customization features enable you to add details and ease your staff to learn it.

Blank Office Cleaning Schedule

Here is the ready-office cleaning schedule template with its easiness to adjust. Yo even don’t have to pay or register.

How To Make An Office Cleaning Schedule?

You can follow our quick guides so you can clean your office faster. Of course, follow steps you think you are compatible with.

  • State The Areas You Want To Clean – The first step is to list down the area of your office that needs to be clean and manage. You need to stroll around and check every stuff which part you should work on.
  • List The Cleaning Steps – Cleaning does not only induce the skipping and mopping the floor only. It includes other things such as managing the files, arranging the chairs for easy entry, arranging the office staff and so on. Make sure you mention the step needs to be done for the cleaning service and staff so it will be synchronized. Later everyone who needs the stuff will not get confused about where to find it and will not ruin the place again.
  • States Everyone Who Is In Charge – So, it is better if you mention everyone who will be in charge of the cleaning schedule. For example for the floor cleaning, mention the person who is responsible. Then mention a person who has responsibility for the files in their area and so on.
  • Specify The Cleaning Frequency – How many times do you want the office to be cleaned? In this case, you need to be wise when distributing the task. Some people have too much burden on the work, and some others have a lesser burden. You can leave it to staff who have lesser responsibility on the working project.

Office Cleaning Checklist

The next is the duration. Even though it is a simple cleaning, specify the duration will keep them on the right track. Then, you can write these details on the office cleaning schedule template!

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Sample Office Cleaning Schedule Template

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