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Working as a nurse requires you to be familiar with the shift schedule. However, this is a noble work! Being a nurse means you have to be available to help the patients and also other medical professional in the hospital. Therefore, you have to make a healthy schedule so everyone will work in maximum capacity. One of the ways you can start with is this nurse schedule template. It is a free template with premium features.

Daily Nurse Schedule Word Doc

How To Create A Nurse Schedule?

First of all, we need to underline the working hour a registered nurse should be fulfilled in a week. Usually, it is around 5-8 hours per day, 4-10 hours per day or 3-12 hours per day. Usually, employees have 40 hours per week. However, this depends on the policy in certain states and hospitals this might apply differently.

To make an effective schedule, you can use our tips below:

Download A Schedule Template

We provide the best templates that you can use and download for free. The best part of it is the premium features. The nurse schedule template is editable so you can add columns, rows or categories as you like. Start using this template for arranging the nurse schedules in your office. It saves you time.

Editable Nurse Staffing Schedule in Excel

Let Your Team Communicate The Time Preference

However, creating a schedule cannot be done right away without discussing it with the team. It is important to let them discuss the time preference so later you can distribute the schedule wisely.

Besides, letting them pick their best time will maximize their working capacity. As long as it doesn’t disturb the shift balance, it is always OK.

Always Update The Schedule

To avoid overlapping work, update the schedule regularly. The downside of letting nurses to schedule their time is you might need to change the schedule more often. If you think they cross the line, for example asking for permission too much for personal things, you might make the bold decision. So, your main purpose here is to make them follow the rules as much as they can. If certain things happen which require them to change the schedule then you need to allow them to be absent.

Nursing Shift Report Work ScheduleTemplate Download

Some managers let them exchange schedules with other members and let the manager know about the temporal change. Keep in mind they won’t leave work that another person can’t handle.

Monitor The Shift Trading

Letting them trade their schedule with other staff needs your monitor. It works more effectively when you are the one who takes full control. This is purposed your work will not get disturbed a lot while one of your staff is absent.

Printable Hospital Nurse Schedule Word Download

Avoid Overtime Schedule As Much As You Can

Working overtime is good that you ask them to work out of their schedule. However, you should be careful because this is a nurse which means their physical performance is more important than other things. With great physical performance, their work will be a maximum too. If they are too tired, they might do mistakes that lead to danger to themselves and patients.

Self Scheduling for Hospital Nurses Format

With the right template, you can make a more effective schedule. Download our nurse schedule template now!