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As becoming a nurse requires you to look after the people in need, it will demand you to have some qualifications which show that you are capable of carrying out several nursing skills. Using a nurse competency checklist will be such as great help. In this article, you will be given an example of a nurse competency checklist that can help you ensure that you or those who are trained to be nurses possess all critical skills needed in nursing.

Nurse Compentency Checklist

Understand the vital signs

The first skill that one should have, as listed in the nurse competency checklist, is understanding the vital signs of the patients. It may include learning patients’ pulse rate and sites, learning their quality of respiration and respiratory rates, taking blood pressure using both electronic blood pressure sensors and manual auscultation, as well as taking patients’ body temperature through oral, rectal, axillary, and tympanic methods.

Cardiac Specific RN template

Examine patients’ genitourinary

Another skill that should be mastered by training nurses is examining patients’ genitourinary. It can cover removing and inserting the straight catheter, inserting and removing the indwelling catheter, and perineal care.

Master the orthopedic or vascular care

Mastering the orthopedic or vascular care is also one important skill that the nurse competency checklist mention. Commonly, it includes the use of anti-embolism stockings and TED hose, applying the ace wrap properly, using the doppler, staple, and suture removal, as well as changing the patients’ clothes, performing the wound irrigation, and carrying out the pin care.

Learn the infection control

Another essential skill that should be possessed by training nurses according to the nurse competency checklist is learning to control the patients’ infection. It mainly covers handwashing, sterile and clean gloving, and sterile field and surgical scrub.

Standard Nurse Competency Checklist

Cover the nutrition skill

When it comes to nutrition, the training nurse must understand the enteral and gravity feedings.

Study the patients’ mental health

The nurse competency checklist also suggests you know how to perform things such as doing the mental status exam and covering the therapeutic communication skills. Other subjects that you ought to cover also include patients’ behavioral modification, patients’ suicide risk evaluation, and patients’ violence risk evaluation.

Basic Nurse Competency Checklist

Master the immobility and mobility positioning skill

As a training nurse, mastering some aspects such as patients’ body mechanics, using restraints, operating safety devices, as well as transferring and turning patients is crucial. Other points such as assisting ambulation, using the crutches, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers for patients should also be mastered.

Nurse Skill Competency Checklist

Know the basics of respiratory care

Knowing the basics of respiratory care is crucial for the training nurse. You must know how to use the pulse oximeters, understand the correct use of Ambu bag and mask, know how to apply supplemental oxygen, nebulizers, incentive spirometry, drainage of a closed chest tube, as well as tracheostomy maintenance.

Registered Nurse Compentency Checklist

By using the template above, it is hoped that you can understand what skills are needed to become a nurse and which ones that you have possessed. You can also search for annual nurse competency checklist for more various templates.