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What Is A Promissory Note?

A promissory note is a document that outlines the terms and agreements between two parties about the loan. This document enforces the borrower to pay back the money within a specific time. If you want to get a clearer idea about it, download the note template for a personal loan for free on this page.

Note Template

The promissory note is usually used for personal or private loans which are between the colleagues, family members, and friends. This also includes real estate loans, mortgages, educational loans, and property down payment.

When should we use the promissory note template for a personal loan? And what kind of thing that requires me to make it? It is simply for the straightforward loan and the things related to basic payment terms. If the agreement is more complex, the loan agreement is used.

Template For Promissory Note For Personal Loan Free Printable

On this page, we provide you the best templates with premium features that you can download for free. Now you can learn the format of the promissory note by reading our samples and examples. The examples and samples can be edited and customized just in case you want to create one. This is made with the general layouts and we try as much as we can to make it close with the local law. However, you can edit it and suits your local law.

When Can You Use The Promissory Note?

Several conditions allow you to use the promissory note which are:

  • If you will lend your family members, colleagues and friends some money. You are allowed to use this promissory note because this document is less formal.
  • Educational and student loans. The promissory note is also usually used for students who are applying for loans to pay their tuition fees.
  • This document is also used if you are not eligible to pay the mortgage or purchase a house. The promissory note is the only simpler way to fulfill what you need.
  • Bank loans also issue the promissory notes to the long-relationship customers. They only give these notes for everyone who maintains a good credit score.
  • Car and vehicle business loans also commonly use the promissory note. The mechanism itself is almost similar to real estate loans.
  • Some people who are running a business will use these notes to gain some funds.

Should You Use The Agreement In The Promissory Note?

The promissory note is a straightforward loan with basic payment terms. If the loan is more complicated, you can use the agreement to outline the terms and conditions. However, whatever you will choose, it depends on the situation.

A Promissory Note Writing Guides

The promissory note will be used when you are in a basic term loan payment. However, some elements should be included in the document such as the payment plan, parties, amount, collateral, amendments, collection, and signatures. For further information, download our note template for personal loan.