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The budget plan becomes the most important thing in any aspect of life. Even a nonprofit organization needs this to keep them running well. Since the organization is not a profitable business, then managing the finance will be trickier as they don’t have the exact income. However, making a tidy budget and stay effective is possible if you use our nonprofit budget template. This is a great tool to help you understand your spending.

Non Profit Monthly Budget Template

We know that planning expenses are not an easy task. Having a big community will force you to be wise. Therefore, a good plan is always needed. With the help of our template, the process of making a budget plan will be easier. You can download these ready-made templates instantly. There are many best templates you have to download, such as:

Non-profit Startup Budget Template

The template is purposed for a startup which uses the simpler format so you can learn while implementing it easier. The template is available in many formats such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, MS Excel, MS Word, Numbers, Pages and also the editable PDF. The startup needs more concern when it comes to a plan. The startup can grow bigger when you know how to manage it properly.

Non-Profit Annual Budget Template

We also provide the annual budget template. This helps you plan the budget for the nonprofit organization annually. You can write down the income and expenses in the annual report. Besides, there is space for setting your goals to keep you stay in track.

Sample Non Profit Development Budget .DOC

You are also allowed to make adjustments all a year around as long as it stays rational. Sometimes some unexpected events force you to adjust your financial plan.

Nonprofit Program Budget Template

This is a general template for any kind of use. This comes with a simple format and available in many formats. You can download it via word, excel, Google Docs, Apple Pages, and also Google Sheets.

There are some details you will like such as the necessities, program location, income, food arrangements, required person and so on.

How To Make a Non-Profit Budget Plan?

Makin a non-profit budget plan is very easy. You can follow the steps below:

  • Calculate all the expenses – The first thing you need to do is listing all of the expenses in the organization. You can also refer to the previous budget plan to get some ideas.
  • Define The Income – The nonprofit organization is also important. Even though some organization doesn’t have a fixed income, you need to list it. Check the regular funding from certain companies or philanthropies that donate your nonprofit organization.
  • Debts – If your organization has a list of debts, this is needed to write down the debts, because at the end you will spend some money on this. After that, total all the debts and do this separately with the expenses.
  • Compare the expenses and incomes – If you see the income number is lower, then you should evaluate your plan and make sure your organization will not run more debts.
  • Update the budget – Keep in mind to update your budget regularly to know some factors that make you change your mind and do some adjustment.