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What Is The Non Exclusive Agreement?

The non exclusive agreement means a contract between two parties about goods and services. By using this agreement, each party is promising they will not contract another party for the same purpose. Therefore, both of them agree to apply the provisions and they will not do the same with another party for the same purpose.

Non Exclusive Distributorship Agreement

How To Write The Non Exclusive Agreement

  • Define the parties – Generally, this agreement involves two parties. The first step in this agreement is defining the parties that are involved in the agreement. If there is another party that is included, then it should be mentioned clearly. The definition of this part is the legal name of the companies as well as the representation in the company.
  • Mention crucial details – Mention the tile of the agreement and then provide the date when this agreement will be signed. When you write the name of each party, bold it so everyone could notice who is involved in the agreement. After that, provide other details such as proper information like contact, addresses, and other personal details.
  • Mention the non exclusivity clause – Because it is about the non exclusive listing agreement, then you have to provide the clauses in this section. Make sure the clauses you make is clear and specific. Don’t state something too general, unrealistic and unspecific. This will give another party full authority to associate with other companies. Therefore, ensure you put it for your own benefits but in a good way.
  • Intellectual property clauses – This section is advised as a place that you provide provisions of intellectual property. This section should allow he other companies to use the appropriate data.
  • Provide the confidentiality clause – This one is optional which this depends on two parties. Make sure that the personal and private details will not be shared with another party except with everyone who is involved in the agreement.
  • Specify the limit – Mention the duration of the agreement how long the agreement will be effective. It depends on the deal between you and your partner. This can be the short term of more than two years. This can be a very long term contract too and can be terminated when the parties want so.
  • Provide the signatures space – Signatures are for validating the agreement that all of the parties agree and will follow the terms, rules, and consequences stated in the document. This is very important that you also write the name of the signator. Avoid misspelling because this will make the agreement invalid.
  • When you want to make a non-exclusive agreement, there are some formats that you should follow. Sometimes, people who are new to this thing will find it confusing. Therefore, downloading our non exclusive agreement will be very beneficial. You can download it in many formats whether it is PDF, Excel or Word. It is up to you. Get also another great template on our website.

Non Exclusive License Agreement in PDF

Non Exclusive Agreement Templates, Examples and Sample

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