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Instructing the new hires right after they are employed by the company is one significant task held by its manager. This job, unfortunately, is not an easy one if you as the manager have no idea how to perform it. Since newcomers often find it difficult to get accustomed to their new environment, it is important for you as a manager to know how to handle these new hires properly. Your new hires are about to be part of the team. Therefore, making them familiar with the company is crucial. By making a simple new hire checklist, it will be easier for you to assist them during their transition as new employees. This article especially focuses on providing an example of new hire checklist template that may help you in guiding your new hires to carry out their job in your company.

New Hire Paperwork Checklist Excel Format Template

Greet your new employees and introduce them to their co-workers and the work area

One basic and the most crucial point that should be covered in the new hire checklist is greeting your new employees and introduce them to their colleagues and the work area. It is important since introducing them to their surrounding will make them get used to it faster. You should also review your employees’ roles, job descriptions, and expectations before asking them to start working on something.

DOC Format of New Hire Employee Checklist Template

Assign the first projects to your new employees

Having introduced your new employees to their co-workers and workplace, the new hire checklist will usually suggests you assigning the first projects to your new employees. It is also advisable to make schedules of follow up meetings with your new employees to discuss any questions that may appear after they are assigned for the projects.

New Hire Checklist DOC Format Template

Review the first week activities

Reviewing the projects or assignments that have been given to your employees during the first week of employment is another essential thing that should be listed in the new hire checklist. You may give your opinion about how the work is done and which part that can be improved later.

Review the department priorities or key projects for the coming year

Once your new employees pass their first week, you may start reviewing what are the priorities and key projects of your company for the coming year. It is better to perform this once they are entering their first month of working. You can also hold regular meetings with your new employees to discuss and answer their questions. It will ensure that they will adapt to the department and their position responsibilities.

Encourage feedback from your employees

As you have been working together with your new employees, it is suggestible to ask for their feedback about every assignments that have been given as well as all achievement which have been accomplished.
Supervisor New Employee Checklist PDF Format Template

It is hoped that by using the cheklist template above you can understand what steps should be taken for guiding a new hire of your company. You should note that the new hire checklist can be edited based on your company’s situation. Adding different and specific instructions will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for new hire onboarding checklist for more various templates.