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Hire a new employee is not that easy. There are a lot of things that HR needs to cover when the company hires new employees, such as making a job requisition form, prepare team introductions, prepare for new employee training, etc. That is why new employee checklist templates exist to help HR to organize the tasks that need to be completed. This checklist will cover everything that the HR needs, such as tasks, events, schedules, etc.

Hr New Employee Checklist Template

In this section, you will get some tips to make a new employee checklist template. Since the form of a new employee onboarding checklist template, you can definitely edit the checklist as much as you want based on your company’s situation. Here are several tips that you can use to make a new employee checklist template:

Read some references New Employee Checklist on the internet

Since there are many kinds of forms of the checklist, you can read some of the references, so you can make your own checklist. Feel free to change, add, and even remove some items that you think will you’re your company’s situation. Don’t forget to find a checklist that is easy to be followed and understood because it’ll make the process becomes easier and more effective.

New Employee Computer Checklist Template

Decide items for your new employee checklist

By deciding items for your checklist, you can make a new checklist that suits your company’s needs, such as the criteria of a new employee that the company wants to hire, job requisition form, employee training, etc.

New Employee Induction Checklist Template

Discuss with the CEO of the company new employee

Since the company wants to hire new employees, make sure the CEO knows what you will do as an HR in the company. Discuss the checklist with the CEO will help you to make the checklist become perfect for your company’s needs.

New Employee Manager Checklist Template

Double-check the items in the new employee checklist

Since there are a lot of aspects that are covered by the checklist, make sure you will double-check it, so there will be no mistakes when the checklist is ready. This tip will be very useful for avoiding major mistakes that may happen when you create a checklist.

New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

Make a printable new employee checklist

A good checklist won’t be a good checklist if the checklist is not useful and efficient. By making a printable checklist, you will make the checklist becomes easier to be used and increase the productivity of hiring new employees. You can make a new employee onboarding checklist template excel using some software programs on your computer, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. On the other hand, there are several sites that will help you to create tables for the checklist and print it out, such as Google Sheet and

New Employee Orientation Checklist Template

All in all, create a new employee checklist template is important since you have to cover and organize a lot of tasks for hiring new employees in your company. Also, several tips above will help you to make the checklist. Remember that the form of the checklist is not strict, so you can make your own checklist or use a reference that you think suits your company’s needs well.

New Employee Supervisor Checklist Template


Sample New Employee Checklist Template

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