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Moving out of the old apartment and start a new life in a new apartment is everyone’s dream. But, doing moving from one to another one is not that easy. You need to prepare and cover a lot of things, so you can move out without any trouble. After you finish moving out of your old apartment, then what should you do? Unpack your stuff? That’s all? Of course not, you have several things more to do. In this article, we’ll talk about a new apartment checklist that you must know after you move into your new apartment. A moving into a new apartment checklist would assist you to check whether you’ve done things that you need to do or not. This checklist covers several points, and in this section, you’ll know what those points that you need to pay attention to are.

New Apartment Condition Checklist

Make sure essential stuff are ready

The first point that you need to pay attention to before creating a new apartment checklist is making sure all essential stuff are ready. What are they? Mattress, pillows, kitchen utensils, toilet paper, shower curtain, cleaning supplies, etc. are some of the essential stuff that have to be there when you move into a new apartment.

New Apartment Furniture Checklist

Check stuff from movers and travel arrangements New Apartment

After you received your stuff from the movers and travel arrangements, make sure to check your stuff, so there’ll be no mistakes or lost. You can do by counting the box that you bring before moving into your new apartment and after those arrived. You can also check it by doing the next step. Don’t forget to put this point on your new apartment checklist.

New Apartment Grocery Checklist

Unpack stuff you bring from your old apartment

The next tip that you can put on your new apartment checklist is unpacking stuff from movers and travel arrangements. By doing this, you can know if something is missing or lost that you have to figure it out as soon as possible. If you find something is missing or lost, you can ask the movers or travel arrangements that you’ve hired before. Also, if you have pets, make sure your pets arrive in your new apartment safely. Travel arrangements mostly will help the pets to adjust to the moving, so they won’t be stressed out on their way to the new apartment.

New Apartment Hunting Checklist

Pay the bills New Apartment

After you received your stuff and make sure that there’s no missing thing from your box, you can pay the bills. You also can give them some tips if you want to because they’ve worked hard to move your stuff to your new apartment. Make sure to put this on your new apartment checklist.

Printable First Apartment Essentials Checklist

Update address for insurance New Apartment

Another tip that you need to know before making a moving to a new apartment checklist is updating your new address on your insurance. This will help the insurance company works faster and avoid the misunderstanding between you and the insurance company. Why do we need to do this? Because if it’s not, the insurance company will keep sending your insurance bill to your old apartment which will be a new issue for you and the company itself.

Apartment Comparison Checklist

New Apartment Checklists Template Sample

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