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In business, there will always be some secrets that should not be shared with anyone. This is done for the security of the business. Even an employee might steal your important information and use it to oppose you. Therefore, you need an agreement that helps you rule this. Download our mutual non disclosure agreement templates for free on this page.

Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement Sample

Using the mutual non disclosure agreement templates is not only for the employee, other business activities such as auditing, partnership, and merging also require the document. Some people make you disclose your sensitive data for a certain purpose, such as when you are presenting an idea to get more funds for the business.

Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement Template

The mutual non disclosure agreement is generally signed by a company with the business partner. Both parties are forced by the terms, clauses, and rules in the document to keep silent about things that are going on in the business. Furthermore, other things such as responsibilities duties and violations should be written in the document too.

Mutual Non Discloure Agreement Template

Tips In Writting A Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

You can learn it from our mutual non disclosure agreement sample that you can find on this page. The agreement is signed by two parties which both of them will not disclose any information to another party or public. This is very beneficial to both of them because they can make it more confidential. Our template consists of complete details about its formats. In this case, you are required to:

  • Mention every party that is involved in the agreement – Mentioning the name of the party is not enough. You have to state the party’s details including the legal name of the company. If there is an employee who is joining in this matter, the individual’s details should be included also.
  • Write the purpose – Every document especially agreement always brings the purpose of why this is made. State the reason why you need to bring it up on the table. Besides, state the smart goals when the rules and terms here successfully are accomplished.
  • Mention the confidential and non-confidential thing – The confidentiality agreement cannot be too general. You have to be specific in this case. This has to be clear which items need to be put as the confidential information and which one is not. Certain information such as prototypes, strategies and also important documents should be mentioned well.

Snap Surveys Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

Because the agreement here is mutual, mention that the information here can shred each other. By doing this, it is expected that everyone can reach the goal because they can work and align together as they know the important information in the business.

Auburn University Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

Describe the responsibilities of each party – When they have signed this agreement, they should know the responsibilities which one of them to keep the information secret and also follow the rules and terms well. Once one of them breach the agreement, legal action is allowed to be done.

Confidential Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Sample Template

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