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Caring and keeping your vehicle running well surely takes a little bit of effort. However, by knowing the basics of what needs to be done, it will be no longer a big deal. A maintenance checklist is a helpful tool to overcome this issue. It contains the list of items that need to be checked or inspected for maintenance.

Building Maintenance Checklist PDF Format Template

There are some examples of maintenance checklist templates that can assist you in checking the condition of your vehicle. This article will be specifically focused on providing an example of a maintenance vehicle checklist that may help you in maximizing the performance of your car and prevent it from any kind of hazards that may take place.


Perform short term check-ups

Performing short term check-ups is one of the most essential things to be covered in the maintenance checklist. The first thing that should be inspected is your car’s oil and coolant levels. It is important to make sure that both have been checked regularly since low levels of either may lead to engine problems. Some other things such as reviewing whether your air filter is flowing properly, checking the tire pressure and providing its spare, inspecting whether your headlights, turn signals, brake, and parking lights are functioning well, and changing the oil & oil filter every 3 months cannot be overlooked as it will keep your car well-maintained.

Routine System Maintenance Checklist DOC Format Template


Carry out long term check-ups

Another crucial point that should be covered in the maintenance checklist is to carry out long term check-ups. It mostly covers checking your transmission fluid and change it when it is needed to prevent costly transmission damage or replacement, checking the transfer case fluid to ensure that it is properly filled and leak-free, inspecting the shocks and struts, flushing your coolant system regularly to remove the contaminants built up inside as to ensure that your radiator is filled to a proper level, reviewing and replacing the spark plugs if they are not working properly, checking the serpentine belt to ensure that it is not cracked and torn, and keeping the front and rear differential lubricated to ensure that they function properly.


Implement seasonal check-ups

The maintenance checklist also suggests you implementing seasonal check-ups such as replacing the windshield wipers once every year, installing winter wiper blades for optimum performance during the winter, detaching the wipers from the window when your car is parked during the winter to avoid the ice buildup, testing the battery performance, changing the tires, and checking your radiator’s coolant levels or the antifreeze levels in winter months to ensure that your radiator or engine components are not freezing.
Routine Maintenance Schedule and Checklist Excel Format Template

The template above is one example that you may use to assist you. However, it should be noted that the checklist can be edited according to your needs and vehicle condition. Adding different and specific items will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for maintenance checklist car for more various templates.