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What do you know about a lodger contract? Basically, you use this arrangement if you want to lease any room or property where you also live there or shares some parts of it with the same person. This legal document contains all the arrangements in order to a lodger understand all rules, responsibilities, warnings, and others so that a lodger and the landlord can lives together happily. It sounds so important, right? Here some steps in writing a good lodger agreement. Please check below!

Writing A Lodger Contract Agreement

1. The Business Partners Involved

This section defines the basic and detailed information of business partners, in this case, are the lodger and the landlord. It is a critical thing to do because you can avoid if any issues happen related to the lodger contract. Here are some primary data of this section in the lodger agreement, such as:

  • The full names of the landlord and lodger
  • The complete address of the landlord
  • The total contact data of the landlord and lodger, such as phone number or email address.

Sample Rental Agreement Template

2. The Accommodations Lodger

You need to provide full information to your lodger about the accommodations. This information is such an essential agreement for lodger Starting with detailed data of shared rooms, such as rooms, bathrooms, the lounge, hallways, kitchen, study room, and others. Write and make a list of the exclusive and non-exclusive parts of the accommodations.

3. The Date of Rental Lodger

You need to give the lodger information about the rental duration. The specific date of his or her is going to stay in your accommodations. This information in the lodger agreement is essential to give them time to prepare the lodging itself.

4. Rent Lodger

You can start to tell the information about the payment schedule and how much money to be paid by the lodger. You can also tell them about how the rent will be paid, for example, weekly, monthly, or something.

5. Tax and Utilities Lodger

This section covers the information about the tax and utilities in the rental service, and those are usually in monthly rent. Please tell the complete relevant information, so there is no misunderstanding afterward.

6. Deposit Lodger

This section in the lodger agreement talks about the security measure for the owner of the accommodations itself in order to make sure the lodger has professionally followed the rent payments.

7. Content Lodger

There are the items which the landlord will give to their lodger in their period staying the accommodations or property. It is good to review the contents and particular information, such as a deposit for any damage cost. You may also check any lodger agreement free template to help you make it professional.

Simple Apartment Agreement Template

8. Behavior In the Property Lodger

This section formally tells about how the lodger acts while she or he is living in your accommodations, for example, respecting other’s privacy, maintaining the cleanliness, and others.

Blank Residential Agreement

A lodger contract is a legal report in a business partnership, especially in renting property to discuss the terms between the lodger and the landlord. When you want to construct an ideal lodger arrangement for your business, the lodger agreement templates are what you need.