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Today, the loan becomes everyone’s part of life. Even some people take some loans to help them buy something. In this is the problem, some of them cannot manage the time which leads to an additional charge. To help you get out of this hole, you need our loan payment schedule template. This is a free template you can download for free. By scheduling the loan payment, you will not miss a single of it and this also helps you manage your money well.

Mortgage Loan Schedule Excel Format Download

How To Pay Loans Faster?

Having loans is a burden for some people. However, taking loans is not a sin, it helps you grow and manage your finances better (if you make effort). Even though some loan organizations give certain policies on the dates you should pay your loans, there are some tips to help you manage it better so you will not be a risk.

Bi-weekly Payments Are Better

If you can negotiate about the payment method, we suggest you use the bi-weekly payment. Instead of the regular monthly payment, this gives you more benefits such as less interest and can fasten your repayment period. This is important to discuss it with the lender because some of them will penalize you because you pay it earlier.

Round-Up The Payment

This sounds difficult but you don’t have to add too much number on the additional loan payment. It is like the bi-weekly payment, ou left extra numbers. For example, you are required to pay $270 per month, and you pay $300. In some months, your payment will be accumulated and it is almost your monthly payment, which releases your burden.

Extra Money Always Helps

Extra money is always the best savior. If you don’t have time to get the extra fund, maybe you want to look around at your house and find out some unused stuff to sell. Probably you still have many good clothes you don’t like anymore and then you want to open a thrift shop? It is always good, right? You can declutter your house, your mind and also your loan too! It is an easy and win-win solution.

Extra Payment

Do you have the extra payment such as a tax refund or bonus? Well, this is another good way to pay your loan. So, it is better to check your finance report. It is a good idea and maybe you can get some.

Lower Your Payment

If you have difficulties to pay your loan, there are some good ways you can try. You can lower down the repayment. However, this can make your repayment duration longer. But if it is the best for this moment, discuss it with the lender.

Utilize Paperless

Take the advantage of discounts from the lenders for signing up your account to pay the payment automatically and use the paperless statements. You can save more money. Usually, the lender provides discounts or extra percent you can use.

Editable Auto Loan Payoff Calculator Schedule

That’s all our quick tips about how to manage the loans. Don’t forget to download the loan payment schedule template so you could manage it better.