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If you are a landlord of a property, the process of welcoming new tenants can be very stressful if you have no idea what to do. Therefore, making the lists of terms and conditions of your property will be such a great help. There are some examples of landlord tenant checklist templates that can assist you in solving this issue. You must employ this before executing the tenancy agreement. This article focuses on providing an example of landlord tenant walkthrough checklist that may help you to ensure that both you as a landlord and your tenants haveoverlooked nothing.

Detailed Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Make a phone interview with your tenants

The basic and most crucial thing to include in the landlord tenant checklist is to make a phone interview with your tenants before the tenancy agreement is executed. While making a phone interview with your tenants, it is important to describe your property completely. As most initial inquiries come via telephone, so do not forget to clearly mention the special amenities that your property provides, the area or neighborhood your property in, and ask some questions such as your tenants’ reason for moving in, their idea move-in dates, how many people who will be living in the unit, and whether they will bring any pets.

Elaborate Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Give a property tour Landlord Tenant

Another essential list that should be covered in the landlord tenant checklist is giving your tenants an in-person property tour to show them the condition of your property. It is also done so that your tenants can check themselves whether your property can meet their expectation. While giving a property tour, you should also observe your tenants’ attitude and behavior to verify whether they will be suitable tenants.

Private Residential Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Ask your tenants to fulfill the ID verification

Asking your tenants’ copy documents is a really crucial list in the landlord tenant checklist since it will ensure that your tenants are trustworthy. You must check your tenants’ identity such as their government-issued photo ID, their income or employment verification, and their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc if there is any.

Simple Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

Add your additional references

Adding your references a landlord is also considered to be crucial in the landlord tenant checklist. You can inform your tenants things such as the start and end dates of the lease, whether there are any late or partial payments, whether there are any noise violations or disturbances during the stay, or what condition that will make your tenants must leave the property.

Structured Landlord Tenant Checklist Template

By using the template above, it is hoped that both you and your tenants forget nothing on the list of your property’s terms and conditions. However, you must note that the checklist can be modified according to your needs and property condition. Adding different and specific items will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen. You can also search for landlord tenant checklist move in move out for more various templates.

Landlord Tenant Checklist Sample Template

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