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Land Lease Agreement Definition

If you are planning to put your land on rent to be utilized by another party, then you need the land lease agreement template. This agreement will allow another party to rent and use it for farming or living in a certain period with certain terms and conditions.

Land Lease Agreement Template For Hunting

Whether you want to build something or not on the property, this should be stated in the agreement. Meanwhile, this type of contract is similar to the rental lease agreement and works almost the same way with the commercial lease agreement. On this page, you will find tons of free land lease agreement forms to print. It is easy to use and editable.

Land Lease Agreement Template For Parking

What Are Types Of Simple Land Lease Agreement Templates?

However, the usage of the land lease agreement depends on the purpose. You need to know some types of agreement to make the best use of it. Here are some of the most popular templates that are used by so many people:

  • Farmland lease contract – This agreement allows another party to rent land for agriculture use. Even though this sounds safe, but the landowner should state-certain terms and conditions. Farming can sometimes be dangerous if it is not under control. Another party might use chemical to fasten their harvest time which this can damage the soil. Therefore, technical things like this should be considered in the agreement.
  • Commercial land lease contract – This agreement is designed for commercial use that you allow another party to place the commercial building. Besides these templates, you might want to read up the industrial land lease agreement.
  • Land lease agreement for parking – Parking lots can be a trouble for a business that is developing. They need more land for parking lots so the customer can use their business conveniently. Besides, this will not disturb the public use because you rent a specific place for parking. In this agreement, some areas that are included are service road, loading areas, specific areas for parking lots and many more.
  • The land lease contract for hunting – This agreement mentions the privilege of protecting, propagating, taking game, hunting a shooting.
  • Residential land lease contract – This agreement is designed for someone who wants to live in your property.

Residential Land Lease Agreement Template

How Do You Use This Land Lease Agreement Template?

Using this template is very easy. You just need to download this template, but before you download, pick the type of template that suits you the most. After that, edit the template as you like and fill the details based on the requirements. To give a law power, you can discuss it with your attorney especially when it comes to clauses.

Agricultural Land Lease Agreement Template

A leasing agreement is very important with clear clauses, terms, and conditions. You have to use a simpler language and avoid using jargon. If you should, make sure you always include the reference for its definition that suits your purpose of the agreement. Therefore, agreeing especially that has law power is with an attorney’s help.

Commercial Land Lease Agreement Template


Land Lease Agreement Sample Template

Ground Land Rental Lease Agreement TemplateIndustrial Land Lease Agreement Template