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If you are raising kids and you want to build their sense of responsibility, you can start with the kitchen cleaning schedule template. Cleaning becomes the easiest way to develop their sense of responsibility. You can start by following the simple guides on this page.

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

Why Should You Begin with the Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Template?

There are some good things when you download our templates. Besides saving your time, the templates have so many features such as beautiful designs and available in many formats. It is the best way to encourage your kids to do the job. You just hand them down the schedule and after that let them post it on the family center.

PDF Format Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the kitchen is tedious work, but it is needed because this place is where you and your family talk about many things and have fun with foods. Imagine, besides the family rooms, the kitchen is always the most visited place so you have to clean it regularly. So, this is the best reason to give when your kids asking why should they help you.

sample kitchen cleaning schedule

Meanwhile, the kitchen cleaning schedule template gives you the most effective way so you will not miss out on anything. We come with the best design to pick so your kids will love this. Besides, all of the templates are editable and customizable.

How To Make Your Kids Follow The Kitchen Cleaning Schedule?

Of course, the first time is the hardest, but if you notice, kids like helping you when you ask them properly. It doesn’t have to be command and yell at them to do something. There are some things that you should follow to make your kids follow the schedule.

Cleaning Schedule Kitchen Format

Begin with the Simpler Task Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

Remember that they are just kids and they are still learning. So, the best way to start is by starting with a simpler task. For example, you set their schedule in the morning to collect the dirty plates from the dining tables and bring them to you. Next, when they think it is too easy, you can add another heavier task such as swiping the kitchen floor until doing their dishes.

Cleaning Kitchen Rules Schedule Format

Make It Routines

Another rule to remember is kids don’t like a task. So the best way to do this is by making it a habit. So, let’s go back to the first rule, your kids should get accustomed first before moving to the next task.

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Excel Format

Teach Them Natural Consequences

Giving them an understanding of the consequences will always result in good things. Let your kids know why they should do a certain task. In this way, they can do their tasks without holding the grudge and feeling burden as they should do this because it is their responsibility.

Master Cleaning Schedule Doc Format

Always Be Consistent

Try to be consistent with the expectation. Always remember that they are still kids and learning. When they make mistakes, don’t scold them. For example, they accidentally break the plates while doing the dishes. You don’t have to be angry but tell them to be careful and give an example of how to do this in the right way.

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Clean Up Together

If you do this together, kids will never feel this is their task and never feel they are alone. This is also a great thing to make bonding and give them good examples. They need it!

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