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It is crucial to building a good habit from childhood. The most efficient way to do this is by using a schedule for all of their activities. However, kids have different needs when it comes to scheduling. This is why we created the kid’s schedule template sample. Here things to do when you want to create a kid’s schedule.

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How To Make Kids Schedule?

Creating a schedule for kids is so difficult, so you have to be patient, therefore never ask your kids what to do and not, especially if you yell at them.

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Work with Them

Instead of preaching and scolding them, talk with them and give reasons why this is important. Try to ask your kids what are the hardest parts and what you need to do to help them do this. It is more accepted because they don’t feel they get any command from you. At least, they will not see this as a regular task in the school.

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Try To Practice It with Them

If you are close to the school routines, then it is time to practice. Do this at least before the school to let them get introduced to the morning routines. It doesn’t have to be all routines, start it slowly.

  • First, you can ask your kids to wake up earlier
  • Ask your kids to get in a dress before breakfast
  • Ask them to put the laundry properly on the basket bean
  • Ask them to tidy up their beds after wake up and so on.
  • Keep in mind to add this routine one by one.

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Try To Make The Schedule Visible

First of all, you need to make a chart list on what to do from the early morning until before going to sleep. Make a post on the family center such as a list of commands to do by everyone. Make sure all the chart lists are simple and understandable. If you have older children, ask them to do the checklist. Additionally, young children do well when you add images.

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Let The Family Command Center Be Their Guide

Instead of telling them what to do, encourage them to look at the guidelines in the family center. Encourage them to do the checklist too. For example, you can ask your kids if they have brushed their teeth or not. If they haven’t done it yet, guide them to look back at the chart again. It keeps you less nagging and let your kids do the routines without pressure.

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Always Make A Connection

This is very crucial to develop it slowly. Differ between morning cooperation and resistance. Try to make the annoying morning routines fun, for example, talk, cuddle, read together and so on. This is more harmonious. Try to teach them to enjoy life and the moment, not to rush them.

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Don’t Forget To Celebrate The Success

So, the next important thing to do is celebrating your kids’ success. If your kids behave correctly based on the family chart, then reward them. It doesn’t mean to be a thing, it can be complemented, cook their favorite dishes or watch a movie together.

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