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12+ Keynote Slide Sample Template for Getting Awesome Slide Presentation 

Making a good slideshow presentation can be frustrating because there are a lot of things you want to deliver to your audience. In order to make an awesome and cool presentation, here are some tips in making a cool keynote slide template. Check it out!

How to Make Cool Keynote Slide Templates

There are a lot of tips in making a spectacular keynote slide template presentation. Here are some tips that you can follow, including:

 1. Add Some Creative Photos

It is better to use some cool and creative pictures in order to make your presentation more awesome. Nevertheless, you have to choose the appropriate pictures, such as:

  • Use Simple Photos

Don’t use any picture with too much information on it. In other words, it is better to use the simple one rather than the ones which make the presentation looks cheesy.

Sample Template Keynote and PowerPoint Presentation

  • Related To Your Main Concept

You can use the photos that related to your keynote slide template, especially the main concept. Don’t use any photos that you only thing is cool without any correlation to your topic.

Sample Template Keynote Slide .

 2. Simplify Your Graphs and Charts

Don’t make your presentation complicated by adding many photos, graphs, and charts. Sometimes, your “decorations” will make your presentation looks messy. You can simplify it by controlling the typography, fonts, colors, and other matters. In other words, you have to make it well thought and consistent. You can still make it attractive by using other application presentation.

Sample Template Keynote Slide s1

 3. Using Only One Theme

It is better to use the same keynote master slide templates theme for all slides in your presentation. Don’t make it too attractive by using many different templates at one time. Those different themes will distract the audience and they don’t focus on your presentation or main ideas.

Sample Template Minimalist Keynote Slide

It is better to use the simple one to make the audience remember what you said. It feels like you tell the audience a consistent story. If you like the minimalist theme, you can use the white and black templates for your presentation.

Sample Template Modern Keynote Slide

 4. Add Awesome Data

In this case, your keynote slide template has to use data that has a good visual appearance. If your presentation is interesting, then it will be memorable for the audience. The audience will catch your points easily.

Sample Template Powerpoint Keynote Slide s

 5. Less is More

Don’t make many slides to present your ideas. You can make less in order to keep your per idea of presentation into per slide. Too many slides will make the presentation feels so boring. Fewer slides will encourage the audience to keep their focus on your presentation in order to catch the main ideas.

Sample Template Startup Powerpoint Presentation 1

 6. Control Your Presentation By Using Remote

The last piece of advice to make your presentation looks more awesome is using slideshow remotely. These tips will impress your audience in that room. You can use the remote to control your slideshows wirelessly.

Sample Template Black and White Keynote Slide

There are a lot of many tips in making cool keynote slides presentation. Sometimes, this activity can waste your time, but you can use one of our cool keynote slide template presentations. Hope this template can save your time and energy in making cool and awesome slide presentation.

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