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One way to extend business is making joint venture contract between business partners and companies. A joint venture is a legal document which the business partners usually give their ideas together to reach goals. Joint venture agreement template typically shares the prizes and risks of the business. Want to know more about it? Please check the short review below!

Sample JV agreement

Tips How to Write a Joint Venture Proposal

Here are some tips when writing a joint venture proposal:

  1. Find a good reason for the joint venture business.

You must have several good reasons before you make any joint venture proposal with your partners. Try to describe to the business partners about what you want or goals to them since you with your partners are selling almost the same items, or give the same treatments.

PSC Joint Venture Agreement

  1. Describe the advantages they can get.

There are many advantages that you can get from the joint venture agreement template, and you need to explain to the business partners about the prospective company. Give all of the information in simple words about the benefits they will get. Write an excellent joint venture proposal that can grab the business partner’s attention. The joint ventures usually extend to give understanding to each other’s needs in order to achieve the same purpose.

  1. Make a “personal” proposal Joint Venture Agreement

Making a “personal” proposal can make you get easy approval for your business partner. All you need to do is analyzing, recognizing, and sympathizing the needs of the business partners to reach their business’s purposes.

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  1. Make an attractive offer Joint Venture Agreement

Try to make a reasonable offer like better profit so that the business partner cannot resist it. The joint venture agreement template must explain the goals, structures, and objectives of the joint venture program. You must also explain clearly about who owns the intellectual company’s asset and other matters.

Advantages of Business Ventures

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that commonly experienced in business ventures:

  1. Having access to new markets.

Being in a business venture gives you a chance to knowing and taking a way to the new markets that might give you unique experience and increase your business profit.

  1. Increasing Manpower and capacity.

Business ventures can increase the capacity of your business to increase productivity and the company’s human resources. More people are working together, and more time is saved.

  1. Having greater sources

You can use the sources in order to improve your goods and try to maximize your productivity with it.

  1. Having different objectives.

Usually, the business venture‘s members have different goals once they join force and what you have to do is settling your differences first to make you comfortable being in a business relationship.


A joint venture contract is a legal document in a business partnership to discuss the terms and conditions of the joint venture. When it comes to constructing a joint venture contract for your business, the joint venture agreement template is what you need for. The models are available with many formats such as PDF, MS Word, Google Sheet, and Google Docs.