6+ Sample Jeopardy Keynote Template for Making Interactive Game 

These days, a lot of people using Keynote to help them design any interactive templates, one of them is a jeopardy game. You can get a jeopardy game by using only a keynote. Basically, the teacher will use the jeopardy game to build an interactive and interesting classroom while explaining the course. Many students also think that this game is fun for them and help them to understand the school material. Find more about the jeopardy keynote template here down below!

Sample Template Productions Jeopardy Keynote

How to Make Interesting Game Using Apple Keynote Jeopardy Template

Do you know that you can make an interactive application game only by using a jeopardy keynote in Mac? It is better to know this game application because it is fun and works in any situation, for example, classroom, training session, workshops, and others. The jeopardy keynote template is perfect for the trainer, teacher, tutor, or any education practitioners.

Sample Template 6 Category Question Jeopardy Keynote

Basically, you can make a learning and teaching game by adding some questions and answers that are related to a particular topic. You can create your subjects or courses, for example, math, English, science, and other courses. You can use this template to make quizzes for the students. Here are some easy steps for you in making jeopardy game, including:

  1. Create The Jeopardy Board Game

The first thing you have to do is creating the board game. You can choose the PowerPoint application in Mac in order to help you create the board game easily. If you use the PowerPoint, here are the following steps in making the board game, such as:

  • Open a new PowerPoint application and give the title
  • You have to apply the theme of your game by using “design”. There are a lot of themes out there but you have to make it sit to your subject or course. You can find the inspiration by looking at the topic of course or using one of our jeopardy keynote template.
  • You need to add the table by inserting the table button and resize into a certain size that matches the slides.
  • You can add some photos, pictures, or animations to make the jeopardy keynote templatemore interesting and interactive.

Sample Template Instructions Keynote Jeopardy

  1. Create The Answer and Clue Layouts  Jeopardy Keynote

You can use the Slide Master by adding some “clue” and “correct answer” buttons in the jeopardy keynote template for mac. You can make it into two sections. Firstly, the clue section will contain the clue of the correct answer. You can add some photos or pictures in clue sections. Secondly, the correct answer section will automatically pop up when you click or choose the correct answer for a particular question.

Sample Template Jeopardy Keynote for Teacher Ipad

  1. Add Some Music  Jeopardy Keynote

You can add some interesting or interactive sound effects and put it autoplay in order to make the jeopardy game more awesome.

Sample Template Only KeyNote Studio Jeopardy Game for Free

Jeopardy game will more interesting if you use our jeopardy keynote template in order to help you professionally design your game. You can save your time and energy in making interactive games for your students in the classroom.

Sample Template Keynote jeopardy