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Investment is one of an important item in a company or business relationship. To make the investment secure, you need to make an investment contract between business partners who are planning to involve the shares. This investment agreement can be useful for both parties and to give the best protection for their business. Want to know more about this contract? Please check the short review of this document below!

Equity Investment Agreement Template

What Is an Investment Contract?

An investment contract is a legal document contract that points out the rights, terms, and responsibilities regarding the company’s investment between business partners. The two business partners can either be a guest and an investment adviser, or an organization and a government. The investment agreement arranges the investment’s parameters that declare who is going to pay the cash and which business partner has to produce the services or stuff.

Investment Agreement Between Angel Startup Template

6 Steps on How to Write an Investment Contract

Making an investment contract is a particular document that you should be done accurately and carefully. It is such a legally binding document between business partners that should not contain any mistakes. Here are the six steps if you want to make an investment contract:

Step 1: Begin with the Recital

You need to cite the detailed recitals in the investment document. The legal contract should put the names of both business partners and their full addresses. Do not forget to state the date on the investment agreement to make it more professional and proper.

Investment Agreement Letter

Step 2: Make a list of the Articles

You have to mention the articles, which are typically the previously agreed-upon terms. Do not forget to list them to make it more professional and proper.

Investment Agreement Template PDF Format

Step 3: Method of Payment

In the template for an investment agreement, please name the payment method if the number of investment has to be paid via card, cheque, or cash. It would help if you made it detail because it ensures that there is no misunderstanding or confusion later on in a business relationship.

Investment Management Certificate PDF Format

Step 4: Various Conditions and Terms

You have to write detailed the conditions and terms of the investment agreement, so both the business partners are clear about it. The investment document’s validity has to be written in this section.

Investor Contract Agreement Template

Step 5: Law’s choices

You need to mention the choice of law under the investment agreement template that has been acknowledged by both business partners. The business partners can get legal proceedings in case of any settlements or disputes happens.

Potential Equity Investment Agreement Template

Step 6: Signature

Do not forget to leave space and date for the signature between both business partners involved. You have to write down the full name to make the contract legal.

Small Business Investment Agreement Template

An investment contract is a legal document in a business relationship to discuss clearly the terms and conditions of the company’s investment. When it comes to constructing an investment contract for your business, the investment agreement templates are what you need for. The models are available with many formats such as PDF, MS Word, Google Sheet, and Google Docs.

Angel Investor Agreement Template


Investment Agreement Templates Sample

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