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So, if you have been doing job screening and you finally reach the interview session, then congratulations! You have beaten other candidates. However, the struggle hasn’t ended yet. You still have one more fight which means you have to be a super standout in front of the employer. One of its ways is by downloading the interview thank you note template.

Sample Template phone interview thank you note

Only by doing this you can make thank you note for the interview and then leave a notable mark in front of your employers. According to market reports, there are 75% of the employers said the thank you notes play a great role in the selection process. It is a sign of good manners and professionalism. This means you are serious to work with the company.

Sample Template post interview thank you note

Tips On How To Win Your Battle In Interview Invitation

Besides a good presentation, eye contact and also some good gestures, there are several things you have to do to be standing out among competitors. Do the following tricks to win your dream position.

Do Some Research Interview Thank You Note

Of course, an employer will love it if a candidate does some research about the company, at least the general profile. Make sure you also do deep research about the position in the company. You can search for it on the company’s website. And also, don’t do general stuff. If it is possible, browse the annual report of the shareholders.

Sample Template short interview thank you note

Besides searching them through professional social media such as LinkedIn to know whether you have a mutual network with them, if you are lucky, you can reach out to the mutual friend and ask about the employer. Therefore, you can answer the question well and also you can consider several aspects.

Sample Template after interview thank you note

Eat something a few hours before the interview session

So, try to eat something before the interview which is very beneficial to calm down your nerves. go there early to prevent accidental moments such as traffic accidents and many more. Make sure you have found information on where to park and where the building is located.

Sample Template interview thank you note email

Give A Firm Handshake Interview Thank You Note

The next is giving your interviewee a firm handshake. Smile when meeting them during your introduction, and also don’t forget the power of eye contact. If you make mistakes in answering the question, always apologize. If you are given a chance to ask some questions, ask some of the questions that they have not explained. read your note.

Sample Template interview thank you note internal job

Collect Their Business Card Interview Thank You Note

This is very classic but you need it! Collect their business cards or if it is possible, get their address so you can follow them up with the thank you note. Using the interview thank you note will help them remember about you more. In the thank, you note you will send, make sure you also state when you can contact the person or expect a response or know that you can go to the next session.

Sample Template interview thank you note teacher

Last but not least, when you still get no response within a week, do follow up again whether you are accepted or not. If you are not accepted, ask them about your weaknesses and gaps that don’t match with their requirements.

Sample Template job interview thank you note