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Interview Sheet Template: Check Out the Various Samples

An interview sheet template is of course used for your work. It is proved that this sample interview sheet is also applied for employment purposes. By using this printable interview sheet template, you can save your time and energy to make your own. Besides, you will know more about telling you about potential applicants. Furthermore, in this information below, you are allowed to recognize the different samples of this template. So, just follow it carefully!

Interview Evaluation

9 Samples of the Interview Sheet Template

There will be 9 samples of the sheet template of an interview that you can be a source when you need it. Are you curious about those samples? Please pay attention to this information well!

  1. The sheet template of sign-up

It tells the interview sign-up sheet. Here, only 5 people can apply for each job title.

  1. The sheet template of assessment

This template shows the observed patient assessment interview. They are the name of the trainee, name of assessor, date, venue, and the item in communication with the patient.

Interview Quality Review Sheet

  1. The sheet template of the job interview score

This sample interview sheet template covers the job applicant’s name, a position being applied for, date, period, and some main items.

  1. The sheet template of client interview

There are the date and personal data that includes the name of the decedent, address, date, and place of birth, social security number, and others.

  1. The sheet template of interview worksheet

In this template, you will find the candidate details and questions asked for the interview. The candidate details contain name, department, qualification, position title, interviewer, and date.

Interview Rating Sheet

  1. The sheet template of interview

It contains the name of the candidate, general assessment, and experience.

  1. The sheet template of the interview score

What about this one? It covers the company details, contact number, fax number, website, date, interviewer, description, name of candidate, position, education qualification, and total experience.

Interview Score

  1. The sheet template of interview and quality review

In this interview sheet template sample, there are personal information also marital status and household information.

  1. The sheet template of sample interview

This sample covers the date, name of the applicant, business address, residence address, phone number, passport number, business activity, capitalization, and manpower.

Sign up Sheet

5 Easy Steps to Create an Interview Sheet

When you want to make the sheet template of the interview, you need to follow these 5 steps below. What are the steps? Here are available for you.

  1. Insert space

The first step that you should do is inserting the space. It means that space for the applicant’s name and also other personal information on top.

  1. Include the position

Then, you have to include the position being applied for.

  1. Include evaluating applicant

In this case, you need to include a means of evaluating the applicant. For example, is a grading system for each action and question.

  1. Include relevant criteria

Here, you have to remember that you need to include any relevant criteria. Thus, you have consistent standards that are used to judge your applicants.

  1. Include space for signature

The last step is that including space for the evaluator’s signature at the end. So, the sheet template will be authentic.


Those are the information about the interview sheet template printable. Please understand it well!

Sample Interview Sheet Template

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