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If you are applying for jobs, then you should be ready with some interviews. Sometimes, you get many calls from the companies which require you to set a schedule. To have a successful interview, without missing a single detail, then you can use our interview schedule template. It is free!

Blank Interview Schedule

How Should You Make An Interview Schedule?

We know that scheduling helps us to become a well-managed person. We can finish the deadlines on time and perform better. Here are other tips on how we need interview schedule template:

Download Interview Schedule Template

Using the template is simpler rather than creating it from scratch. This allows you cutting your time and focus more on the more important aspect. Our schedule template is free and comes in various formats. You can also adjust and edit it as you need.

Candidate Interview Schedule

Don’t Be The First Interview

We suggest you not to schedule your interview section on the first list. This will create a contrast or biased opinion after they interviewed the other candidates. Subconsciously, they usually compare the previous candidates with the newer ones. So, let’s generalize it, being the first will not give you the advantage.

Don’t Be The Last Interview

However, becoming the last candidate to be interviewed also puts you at a bigger risk. Your interviewers might experience decision fatigue. After a series of choices, the decision will be deteriorated which won’t benefit you.

In the Middle Is Also Not A Good Option

So, why are you not suggested to be the middle? It is because they are likely to give fewer positive comments after a few recommendations at the previous ones.

Pick The Schedule At The Middle of Week

So, now let’s say you pick the time between 10 Am-11;30 AM. However, which week should you pick? It is better if you pick in the middle of the week like Tuesday. We all hate Mondays because this has a lot of works. Meanwhile, Friday will make a useless focus. So the best day will be on Tuesday.

Interview Schedule for Shortlisted Candidates

However, the days are not the only factors to consider. Another thing such as preparation and outfits also matters. You need to practice too with someone who you think an expert.

Why Do You Have To Use The Interview Schedule Template?

There are good things you can get by scheduling everything, including an interview. You can get the following benefits:

Punctuality Interview Schedule

By writing the times of the interview in the interview schedule template, you likely become more punctual. This means you show a good work ethic and you have the indication to be serious.

You Look Well-Managed

It is important to frame yourself as a well-managed person. If you are not the ones, it is time to do this for your goodness.

It Declutters Your Mind

If you are applying for so many jobs, then you probably get so many interviews. This sometimes makes your mind confused and it makes your mind full of clutter to decide which one to be attended and considered. By using our template, you can declutter your mind and then decide better.

Assistant Executive Engineers Interview Schedule