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You have some property and no longer any plan to live in? You can get some cash or advantages by leasing it. The idea of renting a real estate or any property can work well if you know the excellent strategies. One of them is making a good agreement between the business partners, which is called the house rental lease contract. Want to know more about house rental lease agreement? Please check the short review below!

House Rental Lease Agreement in PDF

What is a House Rental Lease Contract?

The house rental lease contract is the kind of document in which contains joint decisions of the lease of real estate or property. The agreement is jotted down in a legal, formal, and organized manner for both the business partners to be aware of it. This contract handles a rental lease of temporary asset in fixed terms.


house rental lease agreement is a legal document that supports legitimate mutual deal between those business partners and contains a variety of clauses, conditions, and terms that explain the arrangement between both business partners. Here are the necessary details of house rental lease contract mentioned in it:

  • Having complete information of the landlord
  • Having the full details data of the tenant
  • Having the full details on the security deposit and rent
  • Having detailed information about the late payment commission and due dates
  • Having the complete report in the rental/lease agreement for a house of the facility, furniture, services, and other furnishings that have given by the landlord. It usually mentions the detailed information about the condition of each.

Printable House Rental Lease Agreement in PDF

5 Steps to Make a House Rental Lease Contract

Step 1: The Declaration

The first and essential thing you need to do in drafting house rental lease agreement is putting the name of both partners involved in the contract. Add some information about the date of the deal and the companies are to be mentioned in it.

Residential Rental Lease Agreement Example

Step 2: The Recitals

The conditions and terms of the contract must be in line with the government’s policies. To be approved, the documents must list the recitals conscientiously.

Sample House Rental Lease Agreement Example

Step 3: The Details

Give the detailed information in the house rental lease agreement of the rent, the date of payment, the tenure, the fine to be paid if the time is passed, the conditions and terms must be listed carefully for both business partners to avoid misunderstanding.

Simple House Rental Lease Agreement Example

Step 4: The Clauses

The conditions and terms of the rent, the risks, and warnings must be obeyed upon by both the business partners in the house rental lease agreement sample.

Standard Residential Rental Lease Agreement Format

Step 5: Authorization

The leasing business partners and the owner of real estate must sign the contract after reviewing all of the aspects and make it legal.

Basic House Rental Lease Agreement Template

A house rental lease document is a relevant contract discussing clearly the terms and conditions of renting any house or real estate. When it comes to constructing a house rental lease contract, the house rental lease agreement is what you need for. The templates are available with many formats such as PDF, MS Word, Google Sheet, and Google Docs.

House Rental Lease Agreement Template Sample

Basic Residential Rental Lease Agreement TemplateHouse Rental Lease Agreement Format