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To prepare your future to avoid financial problems, one of which is to invest. The investment itself can be done easily when you have funds for investment, for example by buying a house. When you decide to buy a house, make sure you do a property analysis first. For example, the need to check the interior and exterior of your house. So you can easily check it, then make a house inspection checklist.

House Buyer Inspection Checklist

What Is House Inspection Checklist?

This is a document commonly used by home inspectors to examine some parts of a property. This document can also be used as a tool to find out property damage so that the property owner can quickly repair the damage. This checklist will contain 4 important parts on the property such as structural, room, grounds and utilities.

House Inspection Checklist

What Makes House Inspection Checklist Important?

A buyer must have a house inspection checklist before deciding to buy the house, so you can see the condition of the house. If the condition of the house suffers a lot of damage and items that are not used anymore it will affect the selling price. After you make an inspection, you will find out whether the price offered is by the conditions of the house.

House property inspection checklist

What Are The Benefits Of Making An House Inspection Checklist?

Here are some benefits if you use a home inspection checklist buyer.

  • Houses have many elements that you must examine in detail and you might not be able to remember them well. with this inspection checklist, you will not miss any part of the house that must be inspected.
  • This checklist can be taken as a consideration whether the house is worthy of your long-term investment. You can find this out from the results of the inspection.
  • It will be easy to use it because this document is printable. You can check all the points in the document by the conditions of the house.

New Home Inspection Checklist

What To Included In The House Inspection Checklist

Make a house inspection checklist do not need to beat around the bush because the important thing is to focus on the inside and outside of the house. The following are the important components.

Exterior Section

Make sure your checklist includes exterior doors. garage, drainage, plant, wall covering, driveways, balconies, roofs, chimneys, and downspouts.

The Interior

the interior includes doors, windows, garage doors, walls, floors, ceilings, foundations, installed kitchen appliances, and fuel-burning fireplaces and stoves.


The water channel consists of a water heater, sump pumps, sewage ejectors, drain, vent and water systems.


Electrical Includes Circuit Interrupters, Service Equipents, Drops, Main Disconnects, Service Cables, Light Fixture Etc.

Rental House Inspection Checklist

Make a house inspection checklist for buyers sometimes have to take up a lot of your time, but the nice thing is you can download it for free on the internet. They offer many conveniences such as a variety of format choices, files that can be edited so that it allows you to add details and you can create a professional checklist easily and practically.

Total Home Inspection Checklist


House Inspection Checklist Template Sample

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