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After you have done with the house maintenance, then it is time to create the house cleaning schedule. You can use our house cleaning schedule templates for free here. This template allows you to make an effective cleaning schedule every day. House has many things to take care of, and you need more days to do it. Besides, you can follow our guides so your plan will be successful.

House Cleaning Checklist

How To Make Your Cleaning Schedule Effective

The problem is your schedule is different. So we try to give you tips that can be applied to everyone whether you are a mom, businessman, student, etc.

For People Who Come Home Late and Leave Early

If you are working at the office or are a student, who comes home late and leave the house earlier, then it must be a daunting task to just clean the house. The best suggestion is starting cleaning the house 5-10 minutes before you leave your house. Begin with an easier task like doing the dishes or wipe the floors and wipe the counters. After that, once you have been accustomed to it, add some more tasks every week. You can start by adding bathroom cleaning on Monday, then Dusting on Tuesday and so on. Once you have accomplished your target, keep going.

House Cleaning Schedule Checklist

For People Who Have Irregular Work Schedule

This is more difficult than another schedule because you don’t have a fixed time for cleaning. Some of you might be required to work in shift night on three days then later you switch to another time. However, it doesn’t mean the cleaning routines cannot be completed.

monthly House Cleaning Checklist

The trick is you can double your task. So, for example, you are free on Wednesday, then you can do bathroom cleaning, swipe and mop the floor and then Friday cleaning the furniture and so on. At first, it will be difficult because you have double works once at a time, but once you can handle this, you can do it quickly.

Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

Working At Home

If you are working from home, then this is a little bit of luck. you don’t have to spend more hours just to go to the train station or drive to work. You can save this time for cleaning. You can also take your break for cleaning the room. However, keep in mind to set your schedule when you should work and when you should break and clean the house. Working from home seems simpler but it has so many distractions.

2 hour House Cleaning Checklist

Get Your Kids Involved

Why not? You can divide the task with your kids to ease your job. It is not only kids. If possible, you can ask your husband to do the same thing. Leave the work they like to do. For example your kids like doing the dishes and your husband like swiping the floor. Now you have more time will still be able to keep the house clean. Don’t forget to reward them.

Basic House Cleaning Schedule

Provide Stuff That Makes Everyone Keep The House Clean

Some kids and people in the family are lazy. They are lazy to go down just to throw the garbage. Now you should provide a garbage bin near their room and the area that is prone to be messy. Besides, ask everyone to clean everything by themselves. For example, you ask them to do the dishes after eating. It would be very useful.

Bi Weekly Whole House Cleaning Checklist


House Cleaning Schedule Sample Template

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