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If you have just bought a new home or moved to a new home, there are definitely many things that you must prepare. You must pack all the items in your old home to be taken to the house that you will occupy. This is not easy because there is so much to bring like furniture, cooking utensils, tableware and many more. So you can check all easily then you need to create a home inspection checklist template.

Home Inspection Checklist Template

What Is A Home Inspection Checklist Template?

This template is used to check what you have to bring when you move your items to a new home. This template will record all your items so that they can be said as a reminder. You certainly cannot record everything in your memory, which is why you need to create a home inspection checklist template.

Home Security Inspection Checklist Template

This checklist is not only used when you are moving but also when you are renovating a house or buying a new home. When you are renovating or buying a new home you have to make sure you don’t miss a single item. Even if the item is no longer in use you cannot just leave it. Items that are not used and remain abandoned can reduce the value of the sale of the house that you are going to sell or rent.

Manufactured Home Inspection Checklist Template

When Is This Checklist Template Used?

This template is commonly used when someone has just sold, bought or rented a house. However, people who run real estate businesses are regular users of this checklist. Home inspection checklist templates will usually be used by homeowners for new tenants.

This checklist can be used to ascertain the conditions of the home that require regular maintenance. In addition, the homeowner can also evaluate how the tenant maintains the house.

New Home Inspection Checklist Template

What Should Be Included In The Template Checklist?

You can create your own home inspection checklist form before you recruit an inspector. The following is a list of what you need to prepare before your inspector arrives to complete the task.

To facilitate data collection then you have to sort them starting from the very top such as the roof, attic space, electrical panels, plumbing fixtures, ceiling, walls, doors, stairs, balconies, basements, and garages. You can also add details to some of these places.

While for the following things such as trees, lawn sprinklers, odors, swimming pool equipment, internet services, rats, drainage, fireplace, chimney and sewer lines you don’t need to put them in the home inspection checklist template.

Rental Home Inspection Checklist Template

Creating a professional home inspection checklist template can take a lot of your time because there are a lot of points you need to list. However, now you don’t need to worry because you can download it for free from the internet. These templates come in many formats that can reach your needs. Another advantage is that the templates are editable so you can add the points you need. You can save your time and don’t have to worry about how to create a professional checklist and you can download it without taking too long.

Total Home Inspection Checklist Template


Home Inspection Checklist Sample Template

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