Free Download Quick Steps to Perform a Successful Harassment Investigation: A Harassment Investigation Checklist Sample Template

As the cases of harassment happened in the workplace arise, an in-depth investigation should be conducted to deal with these issues. If by any chance you receive a complaint about harassment issues in your workplace, then ensure that you are following these quick steps of harassment investigation checklist template which can be used to overcome the matter. These steps can be quite useful for a workplace investigation process and is helpful to conduct a successful harassment investigation.

Harassment Investigation Checklist 1

Select an investigator carefully

The first and most essential thing to be covered in a harassment investigation checklist is selecting a professional or experienced investigator who will be in charge of conducting the investigation. This chosen person must be fair, unbiased to any particular person, and must be able to handle herself when she testifies in the court. Carefully choose a reliable investigator as this person will finally decide and make a judgment for the case.

Decide the order of investigation interviews

The second most important thing that should also be covered in a harassment investigation checklist is deciding the order for investigation interviews. You must decide which person that you want to interview first. It can be either the complainant, the alleged harasser, the coworkers, or other witnesses.

Conduct the interviews

In the way of performing the investigation, the harassment investigation checklist always suggests you collecting information as much as possible during the interview. A better result of investigation will be gained once this technique is applied. You must gather every little information from the interviews, such as the employee complaints, warnings, reports made by supervisor, or other documents that can be useful tools to relate to the problem. While doing the interview, you must also avoid leading questions, observe and record all physical and verbal reactions of witnesses, and avoid judgemental statements. It is also acceptable to address issues that can be related to the problem such as by providing bullying and harassment investigation questions to those that you interview.

Harassment Investigation Checklist

Evaluate all of the evidence

Utilize all of the information and data that you have after the interviews so that they will finally be able in helping you make the final decision. You ought to look into the problem carefully by thinking about all the evidence found and the possible things that can also happen. If you think that you still cannot get enough information after conducting the interviews, then you must keep collecting more evidence and evaluate deeper every little piece of new information until you can finally come up with a conclusion.

Make a decision

The last and final step that a harassment investigation checklist requires you to do is making a decision for everything that has been done. If the harassment claim is found to be valid, then you must follow your company’s protocol regarding this matter.

By following all the quick steps above, it is hoped that you can get a picture of what to do when you are about to perform a harassment investigation. However, it should be noted that you are always free to design it according to your situation. Adding more steps will be acceptable to adapt to each different situation that may happen.