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What Is A Guided Note?

A guided note is a teacher outline or map lectures than contain general items that will be taught in the class during a certain period. This note has not facts, concepts, definitions, etc. The purpose of creating this note is to ease students to understand the main concept of the lecture while letting them find out the essence of the lecture. Besides, this helps students to identify important things as well as developing the content foundation. If a student has difficulty taking notes, this will be very helpful. Therefore, just in case you need it in your class or your students ask you to share this document, you need the guided note templates.

Sample Template Grammar Guided Note

Our page provides you the best-guided notes template math, physics and other subjects for free. You can download the guided notes template Google Docs, Excel, Word and many more. However, you still need a strategy in drafting it so it will not leave confusion. Here are some good points you have to remember:

Sample Template Student Note

How To Use The Guided Note Templates

Writing a guided note from scratch will take a lot of time. We think by downloading our guided note templates will save your time so you can focus on other important aspects.

  • Content – A good guided note means containing good content. This should have some cues such as pictures, examples, and types of quantity. The information needs to be listed effectively such as using the bullets, highlighting and many more. Besides, references are also needed to help students get further understanding and help them compare them.
  • The question before the lecture – Whenever you are drafting a guided note, ask yourself whether the note can open the opportunity for discussion either during or after the lecture. This guided note should help the student identify what needs to be completed and where they can find the missing items.
  • After the lecture – You can leave a blank space for them asking about their feedback regarding the guided note. Later you can elaborate it better so your class becomes more effective. Also, consider another thing whether your guided note can be displayed through a computer or other media. In short, makes such a technical thing easier.
  • Do review – After you have distributed your guided notes to the students and get some feedback, it is always OK to discuss it with your co-workers. Ask your co-worker to give you a copy of the note so you can compare and discuss it. Identify the most important things and develop them when you have found something missing in your notes.
  • Evaluation – The last is using an evaluation through a test or exam to measure whether your guided note is effective or not. The guide not is supposed to be effective in helping students in learning and finding understanding independently.

Sample Template Reading Note

Note that a guided note is considered to be the prepared handouts that help them in studying and train students’ critical thinking. At first, it is not easy to make it effective but the guided note templates will minimize your hustle.

Sample Template Guided Note for History