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When it comes to getting a grant for a project, everything can be very complex as it requires proper planning beforehand. Thankfully, it will be a lot easier once you decide to use a grant checklist. It will help you in constructing and double-checking a suitable grant proposal that will more likely to have a higher chance of being accepted. When applying for government grants especially, a grant compliance checklist is a must. Below is an example of a grant checklist template that you may use to keep you on the right track on how to produce a good proposal for an organization project.

Medical Research Grant Checklist Template

Summarize your proposal clearly

The most important point to cover when making a grant checklist is to summarize your project clearly and concisely. It can be in the form of the backgrounder of your organization, your general objectives, your past projects and achievements, your project overview, and your reasons for the grant request as well as the target amount.

Pet Advocacy Grant Checklist Template

Introduce your organization

The second crucial point that should be covered is to describe your organization and its qualifications for funding. You can just briefly describe your organization’s missions, accomplishments, and programs. Some other essential points such as the description of members, clients, as well as a backgrounder on the management team and staff can also enhance the quality of your proposal.


Define the goals and objectives of your project

Defining the goals and objectives of your project is highly suggested by the grant checklist. Make sure you know the outcome of your grant program. Besides, the goals should be related to the need and the target beneficiaries. Stating the backgrounder on the area that will benefit from the grant, mentioning the target time table when the objectives will be met, and making specific and measurable objectives are also crucial.

Project Grant Checklist Template

Mention the methodology of your project

Another essential point is to mention the activities related to the problems and objectives of your project. Describe clearly about the program activities, the list of people involved in the activities and their responsibilities, as well as the time table for each activity.

Public Health Research Grant Checklist Template

Describe the budget of the project clearly

A good grant checklist will suggest you describing concisely about the costs of the project to be met by the funding source. It can be whether you follow general accounting principles as well as whether your budget is specific, realistic, detailed and can reflect the work plan.

University Research Internal Grant Checklist Template

State the project evaluation

Last but not the least, stating how your project will be evaluated is also important. Define the procedures on how to evaluate the objectives, the policies on how to modify the methods, the details of evaluation criteria, the data collection, the data analysis, and the instruments employed.

Election Grant Application Checklist Template

The example of instructions given in the checklist above can be customized. You are always free to include more specific qualifications that you think necessary and make your grant proposal better. You can also look for other grant management checklist for more various designs of checklist templates.

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