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The funeral ceremony is held because there is someone who has passed away. Mostly this ceremony attends by the family, friends, and colleges to meet the person for the last time. The funeral can be formed in burying or cremating, depending on the religion and beliefs of that person. To make the family easier to organize things, they can make a funeral checklist template for helping them before the funeral ceremony is held. Making this template is optional for the family, but it will help a lot and can be less stressed during the funeral service.

obituary checklist

In this section, you will get to know about anything that you need to prepare for a funeral checklist. This funeral checklists form and guides will help you to make a funeral checklist template, so you will know what points you need to cover for the funeral ceremony.

  • Collect Information About the Obituary

By collecting the information, you will get some information, such as name, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, date of death, cause of death, etc. This will help the funeral home to collect the data easier and do the funeral ceremony as soon as possible.

Post Funeral Checklist Template

  • List the Essential Things

Some of the essential things are copies of the death certificate from a hospital that took care of him/her, copies of identification cards, etc. After you list the essential things and think that it’s already compiled, you can go to the next step.

Sample Funeral Checklist

  • Determine a funeral home

The next step is determining a funeral home. Just make sure you choose a funeral home that is comfortable for all, so people can come to the funeral peacefully.

Simple Checklist for Funeral

  • Choose a tombstone

After you found a funeral home, you can find a good tombstone, so it’ll be easy to be recognized by people who want to come and visit again.


  • Pay the bills

After you choose a comfortable funeral home, then you can pay the bills. The next step is preparing the funeral ceremony as soon as possible.

Funeral and Memorial Service Checklist

  • Notify family and friends to attend the funeral

Make sure to notify the family and friends to attend the funeral since it will be the last moment they meet the person. This point is very important to be put in the checklist, so make sure you won’t forget to put it in.

Sample Funeral Planning Checklist

After you know some tips that you can use as a funeral checklist template, you can also see the funeral reception checklist as a template for the funeral checklist. You can also browse other checklists on the internet because some other checklists covered other items that you may need for the funeral service. Feel free to change, add, or even remove some items that you think don’t suit the needs. You can also make the checklist by yourself based on the tips above. Making a funeral checklist will help the family to feel less-stressed because everything is already prepared well and they can hold the ceremony in peace.

Funeral Checklist Sample Template

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