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A nonprofit organization sometimes conduct an event to get supports from people who concern from certain things. Meanwhile, organizing something needs a proper plan so it will run smoothly especially if it is with a tiny budget. Such things can be done better when an organization uses the sample fundraising budget sample. The sample we have on this page helps you plan your event better. Besides, this is also editable and available in various formats.

Sample Fundraising Campaign

There are several types of templates you can use on this page. The following are the most favorites:

Simple Fundraising Event Budget Template

This simple template is available in many formats such as Google Docs, MS Word, MS Excel and so on. It comes in A4 format. The template style is very simple which allows you to break down the expenses and income in a detailed way.

Individual Fundraising Event Budget

This is another super simple template with two separated sections; expenses and income categories. These templates help you break down the fundraising event better. Besides, this also can be used to track your actual expenses so you can stay on the right track.

Annual Fundraising Template

This is an annual fundraising template. If you are planning an annual fundraising event, this template is perfect for you. This has a simple form with sections such as the source of funds and the total expenses.

How To Make An Effective Fundraising Event?

Conducting a fundraising event is the same as other events, but this is purposed to charity. However, this still needs a budget plan. You can follow the steps below to create a successful event:

  • First, you have to list down the source of funds which come from different entities. This can be from donations, sponsorship from companies, and fundraising ticket sales.
  • Allocate the funds for expenses properly. Be wise about dividing the expenses for your fundraising event. By using our nonprofit budget templates, you can see that we divided the allocation such as permits and fees, food for the guests, various entertainment, venue of the event and so on. Of course, you can edit it as you need. The sample just gives you a general outlook on how your budget plan should be.
  • Add additional expenses for unexpected expenses. It is the same with other budget plan type. You need to add extra fund in case you will spend more money on the unexpected thing, such as a small accident which can disturb your event.

Our page has so many templates that are classified in some areas, such as:

  • Annual fundraising event budget – Mostly corporation have annual fundraising activities. This template is very suitable for such things.
  • Nonprofit fundraising budget – The organization can implement its vision and goals through this template. This will help them to manage the money in any events.
  • Fundraising campaign budget – The template is prepared to fundraise the campaigns of the activities.
  • Fundraising Gala budget – Galas that promote fundraising activities will need appropriate budgeting plan. This template is made for this event.