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What Is A Fundraising Agreement?

The fundraising agreement is created by the charit organization that include the professional people to help them in fundraising effort that allows them to get some fee. Because this is the third-party fundraising agreement, then it is a legal document. More over, this type of agreement includes professionals to make some strategy so they can get maximum donation.

Fundraising Agreement Sample

Fundraising Agreement Format

Our website provide you tons of templates that you can use for free to make this agreement. But there are some steps you should know when you are planning to make an agreement.

  • Identification – The first step you have to do is identifying the fundraiser and organization. On your document, state in the center that it is a fundraising agreement so everyone can notice what this agreement about. Next, state the identity of the fundraiser along with the location and address. After that, you can go with the name of organization for whom the fundraising will be given. Complete with the address too.
  • State the service – Because it is a fundraising, the agreement should state what kind of activities as the promotional media. You should state the service you want to provide. You can offer the professiona emails, SMS, advertisements and many more. Besides, the timely report needs to be conducted too.
  • Compensation – Specify teh compensation provided for teh fundraiser after the invoice has been submitted. This also can include the project expenses too including marketing, travel expenditure and many more.
  • Confidentiality clauses – Even though this is a fundraising agreement, there are some information that needs to be kept confidential. If the donor doesnt want the fundraiser to reveal their personal data, then it is better to be stated in he agreement that he fundraiser will not publish any data without the donor concern.
  • Terms and Conditions – Another aspect to include is the terms and conditions. For example you want to arrange how a party can terminate the contract. The termination can be done if both parties agree to do it. However, it depends on each fundraiser’s policy.

Fundraising Program Agreement Format

What Kind Of Templates That We Provide?

We provide tons of interesting templates to download. Teh following is a list of popular templates that you can have:

  • Standard fundraising contract – This template comes with simpler formats. It is easier to handle and easy to edit too. Also, we don’t forget to include the legal obligation, service and compensation terms in the agreement.
  • Professional restaurant fundraising contract – If you are planning to raise fund through a restaurant, we also provide this type of template. The template is designed professionally which this might help you to gain more income.
  • Corporate Fundrasing Agreement – The last template is the corporate fundraising contract which is made for pediatric care. The legal obligations in the agreement template is designed specifically for this purpose with the clearer manner.

Printable Agreement to fundraise

There are still many templates you can find in our website. Find your best template that suits your need. It is free!

Sample Fundraising Agreement Template

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