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Do you want to get a website? And are you projecting to have a web host for your own site? If yes, then you will need a contract to verify with a professional web hosting merit professionally. All you need to do is give your information and additional statements into the legal document called hosting agreement templates. Want to know more about this document? Please check the information below!

Server Agreement

What is The Hosting Contract?

A hosting contract is a legal document or agreement between business partners, in this case, is a customer and web host. The hosting arrangement usually covers not hosting merits only, but also all the additional services that a web host serves. Those aspects include control panels, domain name services, email services, SSL certificates, and others.

Software Hosting

A hosting agreement templates are clarifying the mutual law, rights, conditions, terms, and obligations the client as well the web host. This contract is also drafted for a company which is hosting a particular website of the customers. These are the key terms in a hosting agreement, such as:

  • the services specification to be provided (specific technologies)
  • The resources specification (bandwidth, storage capacity, and processor power). You need to explain this clearly to the customer in the web hosting agreement template free about how those sources may be diverse, and the effects of the clients using excessive sources
  • restriction on the kinds of content a clients
  • a data processor clause to respect private information
  • warranties for advantages of the host of content
  • rights and responsibilities of the clients
  • arrangements for the termination in the hosting agreement templates
  • a service level contract

Web Hosting Agreement Template

What Are the Types Of Hosting Contract?

These are a variety of hosting contract templates that we offer, such as:

  • Web Hosting Contract – the ideal model if you are looking for a deal which happens between the client and a web hosting company.
  • Software Hosting Contract – this contract focuses more on serving software services to the customer.
  • Server Contract – If you are going to make an agreement that is intended for the customer and server provider, this kind of type is ideal for you.
  • Application contract – This paper is going to be useful if you are drafting an agreement between the customer and an application provider. This contract usually has certain application services are being served.

Application Agreement

What are Usually Included in a Hosting Agreement?

When it comes to the hosting agreement templates, here are some crucial things included:

  • The details of the services to be served
  • The details of the resources and the information about the consequences of the customer using them redundantly.
  • Restriction on the type of content
  • Reimbursements and warranties for the advantages in hosting agreement sample

Data Hosting

A hosting contract document is important in a business in discussing clearly the terms and conditions of having web hosting for your own website. When it comes to constructing a hosting contract, the hosting agreement templates are what you need for. The models are available with many formats such as PDF, MS Word, Google Sheet, and Google Docs.

Sample Hosting Agreement Templates

Event Hosting

Email Agreement