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Getting nice abs cannot be obtained in one night. You need a routines and commitment to do that. The best way to do this is by consulting it with the fitness expert about your workout routines to get the best result. This is why you need the fitness schedule template. You don’t need to make it from the scratch, but you can simply download our template on this page.

fitness plan

We have tons of fitness schedule template to help you reach your goals. We understand that these matters need commitment and hard work. Besides, some of you might need to do certain exercises to shape the desired body part. By making schedules, you will not miss out on any important workout and consultation with your fitness expert.

Group Fitness Schedule

On this page, we have provided an interesting fitness template to download for free. Some of the most popular ones are:

Weekly Workout Schedule Template

This template is designed for a weekly fitness activity that allows you to have different workout routines at the gym. You can arrange your workout schedule easily because these templates provide a simple format which makes it easier to read it and implement it. The template is available in some formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, Pages, and Numbers.

Personal Fitness Contract and Schedule

Pintable Workout Schedule Template

If you like to write your schedule manually, we also provide you the printable template which still allows you to edit and customize it as you need. This provides simples columns and details with its availability for various formats.

sample fitness schedule

Group Fitness Schedule Template

We also have provided the best group fitness schedule template. If you like doing exercise with a group of people, or you have a community or, you are a trainer, then this template is the best for you. You can simply print the template and then write it down manually.

blank fitness schedule

Personal Fitness Contract

Another good thing we have provided is this personal fitness contract. If you have been just running a fitness business, this is the best form to give to your client before starting working out. Don’t worry! You still can download it and edit it as you like. The contract also gives good content such as the goal of the fitness participants, the fitness partner, the general personal identity, milestones, and also the weekly workout schedule. It is an all-in-one template that is designed for business.

Youth Fitness Schedule

Weight Lifting Workout Chart

Do you like to have a weight lifting workout? Then template brings what you need. You can set your schedule here for your body exercise. It is designed with tame, days and the details of the workout you should do on the day. Besides, this is the most common template that everyone loves to download.

Exercise Log

If you want to start a workout routine, you need to have this template to help you remember what kind of workout you have to do so you can reach your goals easily. Don’t forget to visit our pages because we have provides thousands of templates for many purposes whether it is personal or business. All of them are free!