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Becoming a first-time mom can be so tense if you do not know how to set up your baby registry properly. As it is counted as a new experience for you, making lists of must-have items is crucial. The first baby registry checklist will be a great help since it provides lists of items you need when expecting your first baby. Here is one example of a baby registry checklist for first-time mom which provides some essentials and instructions that you need to do while welcoming your first baby.

  1. Choose the right furniture
    The most important point listed in most first baby registry checklist is choosing the right furniture for your newborn baby. Using furniture that is designed especially for babies is always suggestible. Some of this furniture usually include cribs, crib mattresses, changing tables, dressers, etc.
  2. Pick comfortable clothing for your little one
    The second most important point that should be covered in the first baby registry checklist is picking comfortable clothing. Cotton material is the best choice for your newborn baby as it has a soft texture and will keep your baby skin from irritation. Many items such as baby onesies, baby pants, baby jackets, baby hats, and baby socks usually made from this material.
  3. Choose safe bathing items
    Another important thing that should be noted in the first baby registry checklist is choosing safe bathing items for your newborn baby. It is advisable to choose soft towels as the baby’s skin is sensitive. In addition, you must pick baby wash items such as soap and shampoo which contain safe ingredients.
  4. Pick suitable diaper
    The kinds of baby diapers can be cloth diapers or disposable diapers. You can choose what kind of diaper that will be suitable for any occasion. You may also add optional diapering accessories such as changing table or diaper bags as it will be easier for you while changing your baby’s diaper.
  5. Include items for breastfeeding and bottle feeding
    Including items used for breastfeeding and bottle feeding is crucial for a new mom as it will make your breastfeeding activity becomes easier. Adding nursing pillows, breast pads, breast pumps, milk storage containers, bottles with nipples, and bibs will be a great idea. It will be even better if you can provide a bottle warmer and sterilizer.
  6. Decorate your baby room
    Decorating your baby room with delightful decoration will make your baby feel comfortable inside. The first baby registry checklist also suggests you decorating the room with bright colors to create a pleasant feeling. You may also add additional baby furniture such as swings and baby toys to soothe your little one.

First Time Baby Registry Checklist

The example of items and instructions given in the checklist above are changeable. It should be noted that each baby may have different conditions, so you are always free to customize and include more specific items that you think necessary for your baby registry. You can also look for first time mom baby registry checklist for more various types of checklist.

First Baby Registry Checklist Template Sample

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