Sample Financial Forecasting and Planning for Business

Free Download 7+ Sample Financial Budget Plan Template for Any Kind of Purpose

Our financial budget plan is designed to help you manage your finances in a better way. This contains a systematic format which is very easy to learn and implement. Whether you want to use it as an organization financial management or personal use, this template is flexible. We have several templates for certain periods whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. It is the most powerful tool you can use for any kind of purpose.

Sample Monthly Financial Budget Plan

How To Make A Financial Budget Plan?

Big business always starts with a financial plan. Besides, it is not always for a business, but also a personal goal you want to succeed. You can follow the steps below to have a more effective budget plan.

Sample Financial Forecasting and Planning for Business

List Down the Expenses Financial Budget Plan

The first step to do when you want to make a financial budget plan is by list down your possible expenses. This includes the fixed income, the fixed expenses such as monthly bills, debts and another unexpected spending in a month. You will also get a better idea if you know your schedule in a month. For example, you will have a wedding invitation, attending a conference in a city, and so on. It will be more accurate.

Sample Personal Financial Planner Word Doc

You can also consult it with the bank to talk about your financial statements and files. Some expenses are intermittent. Keep in mind to be more realistic with your budget.

Sample Financial Budget Planner Excel

Determine Your Income Financial Budget Plan

Some of you have a better idea when you have constant income from a company. This is easier to calculate the fixed income instead of someone who work as a self-employed or businessmen. The financial management will be trickier as it mostly has no stable income. Sometimes it can raise and sometimes it can go down. However, it is also a challenge for getting a chance to manage such a budget plan.


For a businessman or self-employed, you can firstly look at your account statement and see the average income you usually get. By this way, you can figure out when you have a high season and low season. Make sure you also calculate another income coming to your wallet. It doesn’t have to be money, but it can be some cash girts, child support, alimony, rental income and interest or dividends.

Sample financial budget for business

Set Savings and Also Debt Payoffs Goals

No matter how big or small your income is, you have to set goals. This includes savings, spending and payoff goals. Set your budget limit so you will still stay on your track. For example, with $200 income, you set a spending budget not more than $125. No matter how hard it is you need to find alternatives to make you save more. For example, you choose to cook at home, bring a water bottle or avoid unnecessary meeting in the club or cafe. This is important to have a budget limit to control your desire for spending more money.

Sample financial budget excel

That’s all our quick tips about how to manage your finances with our financial budget plan template. We hope this helps you!