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Today everything becomes a competition so you have to keep many things secret to stay at the front. All of confidentiality is very crucial, especially if you are running a business. Therefore, any sensitive information should be mentioned in the agreement to make sure that another party that you allow to access your data will not reveal it to anyone else. On this page, we want to introduce the finance agreement template. This is another form of Non-Disclosure agreement that talks about the legal contract between two parties related to a financial matter. so, for example, if you are hiring an auditor from a private company and you allow the individual to access your financial data, then this agreement is needed. And then, the finance agreement will outline the business plan and project that needs to be funded. Usually, this agreement is designed between a lender and a borrower.

Financial Agreement Cash Payment

We know that not all business owners have sufficient funds, therefore, they seek some investors or lenders to finance their business. This is why the finance agreement template is required to help you draft the agreement properly. This helps you to make sure that the project will be funded smoothly.

Printable Finance Agreement

So, who can have this finance agreement? Well, everyone who is running a business can draft this agreement. This can be for any kind of project that requires funding.

Generally, the lender allows the borrower to pay the debt after the business gained the profit. For example, someone is applying a proposal to the lender for building a movie theater, then the borrower can use the sales ticket for paying the debt.

Production Finance Agreement

Things Include In The Finance Agreement

Know that the finance agreement contains terms, rules, and conditions that should be followed by the borrower. This document subject to laws regarding the enforcement, formation and also creation. However, each finance agreement template consists of different details and it depends on how you use it. This should include:

  • The parties’ details – This should include the basic information of each party such as business entities, contact information, name and so on.
  • General statements – States the project that needs to be funded generally and also explains the nature of the business briefly.
  • Funding – Based on the proposal, state the amount of money needed.
  • Terms of funding distribution – Explain how the fund will be distributed whether it is in a lump sum or monthly.
  • Debt repayment – The next is stating the debt repayment. Explain how the borrower repays the fund and state also the date.
  • The next is stating how the fund will be used in the business.
  • Disputes – Every partnership must have a dispute in the future. The agreement is important because this can be your guide on how you will resolve the dispute in the future.

Public Finance Agreement

That’s all our quick tips about making the finance agreement that can you use. Make sure you download the owner finance agreement template on this page. It is free! Find also other best templates on this website too.

Wedding Finance Agreement


Sample Finance Agreement Template

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