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There are so many businesses that can use the business budget template because this template is available for any kind of business. But for things like film budgets template are different. It brings a different format and details. Some people who have been very long joining this business might find it easy, but for new ones who have just started filming project, this is not an easy task. This is why we try to help them with a simple budget plan template for film production.

Sample Film Low Budgeting

Our templates are available in many formats from Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word, Numbers, and Pages. It is one of the easiest templates you can download for free with many features inside. There are some popular templates you can try, such as:

Film Budget Template Sample

This is the best template and the most popular one which allows you to write down the project details. This is a basic pattern template which helps you remember the significant elements in the project.

Short Film Budget Template

The short film budget template is one of the most popular too with simple formats and columns. There are some general details for the person who get involved in the project from the director, produces, prod. manager, art director, editor and so on. There is also a budget summary including a timetable.

Post-Production Budget for Film

This is a budget template after film production has finished. The template is about the next steps before the movies are premiered including the marketing strategies. This is the best template for a newbie who has just started a movie project.

How To Create A Film Budget?

Creating a film budget plan is the same as other business or project. There are some steps to follow if you want to make a tiny film budget plan, which are:

  • Including important details about who gets involved in the project. This includes the name of the director and also production, the start day and so on.
  • Finding a system to arrange the categories. You can also follow our templates if you think it is appropriate.
  • When you start listing the details don’t forget to include the quantity you need for each item, such as equipment and some cameos.
  • After that, total all the cost and then reevaluate your plan so you will get the actual total.

What Are The Components of Film Budget

Our templates include complete components to help you ease your work. This includes the following things:

  • Above the line costs which includes the creative aspects
  • Below the lone costs. This includes the rest of the production crew.
  • Post-production costs such as visual effects and editing.

Creating film requires so many considerations from budgeting, teamwork, actor choice, director choice and many things which this business should be planned carefully. We always suggest you start with the budget plan so to help you make a good decision. We have the best templates that you can download for free!