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Many property owners put their rent on rental to gain more profit without going to the farm. In the past, people agreed verbally with a cup of tea or drinking at the pub. It was all good until it turns into troubles. Over the years, this agreement has been evolving systematically with the written document. This is why the farm lease agreement template has become widely searched by all people who want to put their land on a business.

Oklahoma Farm Lease Agreement

Farm Farm Lease Agreement Definition

A farm lease agreement is a document that discusses the rights, obligations, and expectancies of two parties in farmland agreement. The landlord, in this case, can put specific details about this terms and conditions to tenants and make sure the agreement includes a promise that the tenants will take care of the land properly and be productive.

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Furthermore, the farm lease agreement form should be designed with a clear language for interest and rights of safety. The document needs to states about the condition of the farming land, how the land should be kept and many more.

Indeed it is not easy to draft a professional agreement without missing any detail. But you can have our farm lease agreement template free on this page. It is easier to fulfill because you just need to fulfill the template with the necessary details. All you have to do is just making sure your language and contents are understandable.

Farm Lease Agreement Template

Furthermore, make sure to include the following elements in the draft:

  • Determine terms and payment methods. The best part of this agreement is that you can get the fee in the form of farming products, such as you want some share of the harvest.
  • States the prevailing crop possession if there is any.
  • State the limitations and boundaries of these premises
  • Mention the legal and insurance costs.
  • Mention the rights, responsibilities, and maintenance for both parties.
  • States the service provided.

If you want to sell the land one day while it is used for renting, states also the right to sell terms. You can also give the proposal to the tenants in case the tenants are interested. If they are not interested, you can proceed with the property agent.

How To Write A Farm Lease Agreement Template

Before drafting the agreement, ask yourself about the important factors you have to communicate with the tenants. Make sure you have reached certain crucial agreements and then write down the points in a written form. Here, we will provide you few guidelines about making a good quality lease agreement form.

  • First, it is important to cope well with the time including the dates. The dates include the effective date when the tenants can use the land, the rent dues, and also the bill cut-off dates. Write it clearly because this is the main cause of a dispute between landlords and tenants.
  • Land preservation expectancy – However, renting your land is risky. You don’t know about how the tenants treat your land. Some farmers use a chemical to grow their plants faster which this damage the soil. You might not want this happen so you need to state clearly that you don’t want the tenants to use dangerous chemicals that put the soil in damage.
  • Get the advice from the attorney – Drafting is indeed tricky because you are not only dealing with the language but also laws that should perfectly bind both parties legally.

Solar Farm Lease Agreement