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Expense Sheet Templates: Manage Costs Effectively

Welcome to the expense sheet templates! Do you want to find a sheet template to apply to your business? If it is so, this kind of printable expense sheet templates can be your choice to do it. This sheet will help you to control the costs of having a business effectively. Well, in the following types of expense sheets, there are so many different formats and models that you can use. Let’s check them out!

Employee Travel Expense Sheet

13 Types of the Expense Sheet Templates

There will be 13 main types of this sheet template that you should know. Do you want to know those types? Here are available for you.

  • The template of the expense spreadsheet

It is available in Excel form. There are elements of personnel, operating, budget, actual, differences, and total expenses.

  • The template of farm expense sheet

It covers current assets, value, current liabilities, intermediate assets, long term assets, intermediate liabilities, and long term liabilities.

  • The template of the household budget expense sheet

The elements in this kind of sample expense sheet templates are rent, house or real estate expenses, and utilities.

  • The template of household living worksheet

It contains housing expenses, food, cleaning supplies, laundry, clothing, and medical expenses.

  • The worksheet template of personal financial budge

In this template, there are income, expenses, donations, savings and investments, insurance, and liabilities.

  • The template of employee travel expense

It covers the date, employee ID, name, title, extension, travel date, day of the week, departure time, returns time, and others.

  • The template of the project construction budget

This template includes lot cost, soft costs, hard costs, lock-up, drywall, completion, and total project costs.

  • The sheet template of company monthly expense

There are elements of monthly expenses and additional notes.

  • The sheet template of business plan expense

It covers the name, business name, business address, business income, sales of equipment, and business expenses.

  • The sheet template of income and expenditure

There are the name, address, income, total income, expenses, total expenses, weekly, and monthly.

  • The sheet template of the monthly expense budget

It tells monthly income and expenses. The expenses are for home, personal, food, transportation, entertainment and reservation, and health.

  • The template of monthly business expense sheet

It shows office space, furnishings, professional supplies, advertising and promotion, insurance, services, and professional relationships.

  • The sheet template of small business expense

This expense sheet templates sample has the elements of the income statement, sales, gross profit, expenses, earnings, and net earnings.

Expense Sheet for Personal Budget

3 Tips on the Effective Expense Management

To create the template of the expense sheet, you need to follow the management of effective expense. To know it more, please pay attention to this management.

1. Makes management policies

It means that you should make formal expense management policies. The policies must be able to aid the cost control of the company.

2. Get an understandable management process

You should keep the implementation process for easy understanding of the expense management policies.

3′ Monitor expenses

You can do it with the use of expense sheets. It is used to check the expenditures made by the employee and the company.

Expense Sheet for Project Construction

Those are the information about the expense sheet templates printable. You can choose the kind of the sheet templates above.

Expense Sheet Sample Templates

Household Expense Tracking SheetMonthly Mileage Expense SheetTravel Expense Log SheetBi Weekly Expense SheetBusiness Plan Expense SheetBusiness Travel Expense Sheet