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There are many types of budgeting plan you need to know from daily, weekly, monthly and also annually. But for personal use, most people prefer to use the excel monthly budget template to help them manage their finances. Even it is the most important job in the family to figure out whether the amount of money provided can fulfill a lifestyle. You will know the number of extra left after making a list of priority on your budget book.

Sample Month Law Practice Cash Flow Budget Worksheet

Our template is very easy to use that even a non-accountant can have a professional budget plan. The template is designed with a simple system and this template allows you to easily to track down your money.

Sample Monthly Budget

There are some templates you can download on this page. All of them are free. Here are some types of templates you can choose.

Monthly Budget Planner Template

The template provides a monthly budget system that allows you to calculate your monthly income and spending. The format is very simple and easy to use. You can edit it as you like.

Sample Monthly Home Budget

Personal Monthly Budget Template

This template is for personal use but with complete details. If you have different expenses and need, this template is very suitable for your lifestyle. There is also extra income space so you have some ideas on how to spend the remaining income.

Sample Monthly Household Budget Spreadsheet

How To Manage Financial Effectively?

There are many ways on how to manage your finances. The first rule you should always remember is never spending money exceed your financial capability. There are some aspects you need to underline, as follow:

  • First of all, figure out the fixed expense you get in a month. This includes your monthly bills, transportation, and food. Food is something you cannot measure because sometimes you have something that makes you spend more when it comes to food. However, it always goes back to the person. You can limit yourself from spending a lot of money. For example, you want to consider to cook in your house and eat before you go.
  • List also your possible spending. After listing all of your fixed bills, then you need to add extra spending for hanging out or things that force you to eat outside, such as when you meet your clients.
  • Always bring water in a bottle whenever you go. Managing financial is never an easy task. You have to commit. For example, bringing a water bottle whenever you go. So, you don’t have to buy small spending like that. You mostly never realized that such spending can drain your money more than you think.
  • Stick with your budget plan. This is always the main advice you should take that you have to stick with your plan. A strong commitment is key. Meanwhile, our excel monthly budget is a tool to help you break down the expenses.

Sample Mortage Montly Budget

That’s all our quick tips on how to manage your money. We hope our tools help you in reaching your goals.

Excel Monthly Budget Sample Template

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