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A checklist is a helpful tool for organizing tasks. It will help you to ensure that every task has been accomplished. A checklist is usually prepared beforehand and list down the things that you need to do. It also serves as a reminder to prevent you from forgetting the tasks that you have to do. As people have different tasks, their reminders cannot be the same for each other. By utilizing the excel program to make your checklist, your work will be more effective. Some examples of printable excel checklist template have been provided to help you in finishing your task. This article provides one example of an excel checklist template that you can use. It is a basic to-do template that you may consider to use to help you in finishing your tasks.

  1. Customize your checklist
    When making your own excel checklist template, you can customize it whatever you want. Your basic to-do list template can be customized to be a daily to-do list, a weekly to-do list, or a monthly to-do list based on your time frame. You can type down your tasks, convey status, set your priorities, assign the due dates, and add some notes for extra context.
  2. Choose a printable checklist
    If you are in charge of planning an event or require to hang your list of tasks on a wall, then you should use a printable version of your to-do list. Unfortunately, not every excel checklist template is printable. It is because the rows will often print on multiple pieces of paper. Make sure to look for a to-do list template that is designed to print the whole to-do list on exactly one page. You can type down your tasks and due dates as well as check the box once you are done with a to-do item.
  3. Make a to-do list with checkboxes
    Including checkboxes in your to-do list will make your work of finishing your task a lot easier as will show your accomplishment. Provide a checkbox for each task which allows you to visually convey which tasks are completed and which ones are not.
  4. Apply action item list
    Some excel checklist template will suggest you applying an action item list. This kind of template will track specific tasks that you need to accomplish. Action items should always be recorded clearly. You can track down the date created, the description, the priority, the assignee, the due date, the completion date, and add notes for each task as the template has a column for each of these.
  5. Prioritize your to-do list
    Making a prioritized to-do list is crucial if you need to quickly see the most important tasks to do and the ones that can wait. It usually has drop-down columns that let you organize tasks by high, medium, and low priority, or put the task on hold.

excel checklist template

The checklist provided above is one example that you can use for organizing your task. You can also find other recommendations of the checklist template for excel to give you a picture of how to customize your to-do list template.