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What do you feel if your event birthday or wedding are failed? You must be sad and disappointed, right? We know everyone wants to have such a special event that runs smoothly. People usually have a confident expectation with the professional event planner when it comes to planning a special occasion. That is why we all need an event planning agreement to solve this kind of problem. Want to know more about the event planning contract? Check this out below!

Event Planning Contract Template

What is the Event Planning Agreement?

An event planning agreement is a written document or contract that has a purpose for the crucial factor of an event’s success. The event planning deal protects both business partners involved in some ways. Having a fair deal forces those both business partners required to agree in negotiating on condition and terms. Most event planning experts, including wedding planners, party planners, and corporate event specialists, must understand the essence of event planning contracts.

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How To Make an Event Planning Agreement?

Step 1: Know Your Subject or Audience

You have to know first the type of occasion or event. It will give you an idea of what kind of client or guest is going to host. You have to know who these audiences are and how many would come on occasion should be your priorities. You have to see the amount and type of clients can limit your plans of occasion venue or space.

Step 2: Set Up A Meeting

Before starting to write down your event planner contract template, it is wise to make a schedule to meet the guest, especially if you and they want to discuss something about the event, mainly including venue, decoration, food menu, catering, party theme, and others. A meeting will give a chance to negotiate since the guests might have their preferred providers for occasion or venue logistics and related to the occasion or event.

Step 3: Specify Services in The Event

As an event organizer, it might seem clear to give a detailed list of the planning services you usually provide in the event planning contract. However, it is essential to give details and limitations to the event or occasion. For example, some games might have party decorations, and others might not. Any contract must offer services with a clear expectation. Here are the examples of service list:

  • The venue of occasion. You can find the reference or research in books or the internet.
  • Catering
  • All event marketing (traditional, social, etc.)
  • On-site event staffs
  • Visual and audio equipment
  • Others

Step 4: Include A Payment Information

The event planning contract must have detail information about payment. You can start with the date for the initial deposit and the amount of cash.

Step 5: State Information Of Vendors You Will Work With

Give details information regarding who those vendors are must be written in the agreement as well as the services they provide.

Step 6: Add A Cancellation Clause

A cancellation clause in the event planning contract template is the best weapon against losing money if the event failed. You will get paid for whatever work you have already started and the resources you have already used.

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An event planning agreement is essential in a business partnership to discuss clearly and smoothly the terms and conditions with the event planner. When it comes to constructing an event planning agreement for your company, the event planning contract templates are what you need for. The models are available with many formats such as PDF, MS Word, Google Sheet, and Google Docs.